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Rent self-storage in Mannheim

Do you have a space problem? Not now, because now you can meet us! LAGERBOX, Germany's first self-storage provider, solves your space problem from just 32 cents a day!

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Mannheim is embedded in a beautiful landscape and at the same time very close to some of the most important business locations in Germany. As in the rest of the Federal Republic, here in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg, there are plenty of occasions to move, transport and store. These are all occasions for which you can use self-storage in Mannheim. It is useful, but it is also recommended because depending on the stored goods you should rent a professional, air-conditioned replacement for an attic, garage or cellar. It applies to both the private and the commercial sector. You can find out here and now how our successful business can help you along the entire way if you want to book storage space quickly and inexpensively in Mannheim.

Secure storage space in Mannheim from 0,32 €/day

Self-storage in Mannheim

But first of all, you will find out how cheap you can rent your basement replacement from us. That goes from our location in Mannheim namely already from 32 cents per day! That would correspond to a price of only 9,95 Euro per month. But at all our sites, not only in Mannheim but nationwide, inexpensive fares and discounts are always possible. Here it all depends on how long you need storage because there we are particularly versatile and flexible.

Self-storage in Mannheim from 1 week


Not only the price is a low entry possible. Regarding the minimum rental period, we also work hard to meet the many different requirements of our tenants. Some people want to stay for months, for example, if they store seasonal demand or if they use a self-storage unit while abroad. Others, on the other hand, only have to bridge for a short time and, for example, have to accommodate furniture during a separation or rent a trade fair storeroom in Mannheim for a few days. It's a good thing that our flexibility is there for all our customers: You can use our units from one week all the way to an "open end".

Just come in, just move in

If this sounds exactly like the offer you are looking for, now complete this search successfully by reserving your personal storage space. Your move-in may still be possible today, and you can then load everything into your moving van to drive your stored goods to us. Our branch in Mannheim is well connected to the transport network, easy to reach and with us, on-site, you can rank well with small and large vehicles. At the same time, if you come regularly, you will quickly be on the move again in all directions.

Numerous useful transport aids are waiting for you.

Storage spaces in Mannheim with plus-comfort

Storage spaces in Mannheim with plus-comfort

But a good infrastructure in the transport network around the self-storage in Mannheim is not all that awaits you with pleasing plus points. There are also many useful transport aids waiting for you. With us you can rent a tool storeroom, store books or even store Christmas decorations and everything that is in your storage room, you can bring quite comfortable with our handcart, lifting, and trolley to your storage unit. Just roll it from the van to your self-storage unit and everything can be stored dry, clean and safe.

Self-storage in Mannheim: gentle care, even with extended storage times

Your stored goods are always in good hands with us

It brings us directly to three of the most critical aspects of a professional warehouse, which are not only vital to us as the operator of the self-storage in Mannheim. Of course, it also plays a significant role for you as a customer that your stored goods are always in good hands with us.

  • Cleanliness - Besides, the aspect of cleanliness is essential, because only a clean warehouse is a good storeroom, especially with extended storage time. At the beginning of your storage, you will receive a cleaned unit from us.
  • Dryness - Almost more critical is a dry storeroom. Primarily if you store clothes, store an entire household or even want to accommodate tires, it must not be damp. But also in general, dryness is a must.
  • Safety - This also applies to security. It is also a reason why people use self-storage. We offer a lockable storage-space, video-monitored corridors, and an alarm-protected building.

For whom is Selfstorage suitable?

Store sports equipment

It is n all-round successful and popular concept, which is often used by different customers. That's the way it should be because everyone can use our offer. With us, you can store sports equipment, rent a storage unit as a storeroom, store your bike in winter or also inexpensive to accommodate furniture. Anyone can benefit from the low cost, flexible and straightforward model of self-storage.

Private and commercial storage

commercial storage

Private customers can look forward to the practical possibilities of storage and also commercial customers are allowed to enjoy the many options for self-storage at LAGERBOX in Mannheim. So plan with us if you want to book a self-storage space on a world tour. Or take advantage of our offer spontaneously, if you have not found a new apartment or your apartment is not ready yet. As a business customer, you can better rent a storage unit instead of a container. It is useful, for example, if you need more space for files and documents or would like to store garden tools privately over the winter.

Tip: We also offer the shelving in your storage room, and especially commercial tenants benefit from the mailboxes setup. Ask our friendly staff.

You see, the possibilities with and at LAGERBOX in Mannheim are many. We have enriched the self-storage concept with a lot of service and comfort so that we rightly rank among the leading providers in this field in Germany. Count on us if you want to book a reliable, secure and flexible warehouse in Mannheim.


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