Rent with LAGERBOX storage space in Dortmund

In Dortmund is an areal that is ideal for the storage of furniture, gardening tools, books and anyway almost everything. LAGERBOX offers low-cost, dry storage units and also safe parking spaces for cars.

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Dortmund is one of the largest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ruhr Metropolis is a university town and an up-and-coming location in technology, research, and business. Dortmund is continually developing and changing, and so do the people who live and work here. Exactly for these people, we are from LAGERBOX, on location in Dortmund, with the perfect range of storage space for you and your stored goods.

We offer versatile storage areas in many sizes with numerous possibilities.

Rent a storage space in Dortmund for commercial use

Self-storage in Dortmund

Thanks to us, you do not have to deposit your belongings in a container. Storage containers can hardly offer your stored goods the "comfort" that we have on offer. For commercial customers from Dortmund, LAGERBOX represents an incredibly versatile warehouse with numerous possibilities. You can store garden tools with us, deposit sports equipment or rent your tool storage facility. We are also one of the best contacts in Dortmund for office storage. Our warehouses are optimally tempered and, above all, dry. So if you want to store files or books, our location in Dortmund is just right for you.

Tip: Especially for our commercial customers, we also offer mailboxes as an additional service. Ask directly on-site!

Storage space in Dortmund for short or long

Warehouse in Dortmund 

We are always flexible in terms of storage time. If you rent your storeroom from us, you will enjoy great freedom in your time. You can rent a warehouse from us easily and at short notice or store seasonal demand and stay for months or years in a LAGERBOX customer.

Of course, the option of renting exhibition warehouses is also attractive: If you are visiting the trade fair on business, you can count on us. You can rent storage space on short notice, have a short notice period, and can access your personal storage unit during our opening hours to withdraw or add something.

Also ideal for private storage!

But of course, we are also an excellent choice if you are looking for storage space in Dortmund for private reasons. And there are indeed plenty of reasons why you could use extra storage or storage space: If you want to store furniture inexpensive or your new apartment is not ready, you can, of course, take advantage of our generous space. You can also rent a self-storage unit during your stay abroad or your long trip around the world. In the meantime, your inventory is in good hands with us.

private storage 

For intermediate rent or separation deposit furniture

Especially for such and similar life situations, it is simply relieving, if you do not additionally rent a basement or burden friends with his household. On the contrary: Thanks to our storage spaces in Dortmund, you have enough additional storage space if you want to keep your furnishings, for example, because you are renting your apartment or because you have recently split up. If you have not yet found a new apartment, but you will certainly find the perfect interim solution.

Optimum storage conditions for your stored goods

Store books

We also have the right place at our location in Dortmund for sensitive and care-requiring goods. If you want to store clothes, store tires or keep books, we offer the ideal conditions. It is mainly about the right storage room climate:

  • Dryness - very important for many stored goods. Most things do not like a damp camp, so you should rent a dry basement replacement from us.
  • Cleanliness - also important to prevent consequential damage and vermin. With us, you get a wonderfully clean, well-kept storage room to move in - including shelf installation, if you wish!
  • Security - an aspect that is important to all our customers when storing goods. Whether you want to do business with us, store a bike or simply store your Christmas decorations, until the next Christmas tree comes, safety always has to be.
  • Flexibility - this advantage for you does not affect the circumstances within our storage units, but the accompanying conditions for you when you book storage space with us in Dortmund: You can check in with us just as flexible as you can take off at short notice. We like to focus on your schedule as well as possible.

Self-storage in Dortmund - help with transport and move

Free transporter on the day of moving

  We are happy to meet your storage requirements with high quality, for example with the free van directly on your moving in day! We provide this to all our new customers. Save up to 100 Euro vehicle rental and everything organizational with an external car rental. With the transporter arrived on site, you are welcome to use other services around the practical storage: We provide you with useful transport aids such as handcarts and pallet trucks, and in our moving shop on site you can move boxes, blankets, slides, and much more purchase perfect transport and deposit.


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