Secure your moving set (1 moving box, 1 archive box, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.

Rent a storage unit in Dusseldorf-Heerdt

The advantage of selfstorage with LAGERBOX

  • from 1m³ / 1 week
  • from € 9.95 / 4 weeks
  • Transporter free *
  • Free transport on site
  • Access 6-23h / 365
  • Incoming goods
  • Coded access
  • Alarm / video secured
  • no admin fee
  • Storage is insured

Düsseldorf Heerdt

You can change to a smaller or
bigger storage unit flexible and uncomplicated.

Availability by phone:

Mo.-Fr.: 08:00 - 21:00 clock

Sa.: 09:00 - 17:00 clock

Phone: 0800 222 666 999 (for free)

Warehouse access in general:
Mo. – So.: 06:00 – 23:00 Clock

office hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 18:00 Clock
Sa.: 09:00 – 16:00 Clock

  • Manager Elena

Now calculating space requirements

How much space do I need? Find out quickly how much it is with with our room calculator.



Here are all important and useful forms to find, for example, direct debit and powers.

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With LAGERBOX you get from 4 Euro/month an easily a stored goods insurance through our partners.

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Rent a mailbox at LAGERBOX and pick up your mail if you have time. Or we will forward your mail.

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Make it easy for you: our move checklist. To plan your move perfectly in all details.

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Our handy moving tips help you to make your move smoothly and well prepared.

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When your parcels are delivered simply, directly to the LAGERBOX location, we will accept them reliably.

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On request, we can provide you with moving material such as boxes, blankets, foils and adhesive tape at attractive prices.

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We offer shelves for your storage in our LAGERBOX store on site and build them on request.

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Handcarts, trolleys and other means of transport are available for free to move things around the site.

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We provide vans or trailers for the transportation of your things. You will receive this service free of charge on the moving in day.

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The real space requirements for your self-storage are calculated quickly and easily with the unit calculator.

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May we introduce: the first self-storage building in Germany! Since 1997 there is LAGERBOX in Dusseldorf-Heerdt - so we are the absolute pioneers in this field!

Come to LAGERBOX, rent storage space from us and be sure that your stored goods are in good hands with us! Your furniture, your tires or files are stored safely, cleanly and dry with us, but you too as our customer can look forward to numerous comfortable advantages when you rent storage space in Düsseldorf-Heerdt from us.

As much storage space as you need

Unit calculator

It starts when you are only interested in renting a storage space. "How big does a rental unit have to be?" - A question that many ask, but which you can easily answer yourself. Use our free unit calculator to find out how much space you need. Many overestimate this and book a much too large area. Our unit calculator or we will help you: Just enter what you want to put into storage, and our calculator will tell you how many square meters of storage space is optimal for you and your requirements.

Tip: Use the photo function in our unit calculator to give our employees the optimal template for the unit calculation.

Lots of extra service for you and your move

free van

Or ask our friendly team per e-mail, telephone or in person for help with the storage space determination. But not only there: Even with your subsequent move into your then perfectly matching warehouse, we will assist you on site. On the day of your moving into your storage unit in Dusseldorf-Heerdt, we'll give you a free van! On-site you can use our transport aids and also purchase practical things in our moving shop.

We offer you the convenience of covered unloading.

Simple and easy to access

When you move in, you will be able to access your storage unit between 6:00 and 23:00 o'clock, 365 days a year, and take out or store. We have also chosen our locations so that you always have easy access to the building itself. LAGERBOX in Dusseldorf-Heerdt is centrally located and easy to reach. We offer you the convenience of covered unloading, so you and your stored goods will not get wet even in bad weather.

Dryness in our storage units

Dryness in our storage units

Also, anything but wet is in our storage units. Unlike in a basement or garage, your goods enjoy a constant dryness. So, if you store files, books, or clothes, for example, you can be sure that you'll get everything back, even after a long period of storage, as it has been when you placed it.

We also rely on cleanliness

Of course, the point of cleanliness also plays a part here. While other storage options can also be targets for dirt or pests, you can rely on LAGERBOX for cleanliness. Nobody can get into your storeroom except you - that's also the keyword for another important aspect of warehousing.

With LAGERBOX you have a reliable partner regarding storage.

Store Safely

LAGERBOX in Düsseldorf-Heerdt

Of course, the safety of their stored goods is critical to many of our customers. And not only with sensitive company documents or valuables, but always and everywhere. With LAGERBOX you have a reliable partner for storage. Our warehouse in Dusseldorf-Heerdt is alarm-secured and also video-monitored in all corridors.

Flexible booking, secure long-term rates

If you no longer need your storage space in Dusseldorf-Heerdt at any time, you can cancel again within a short notice period. Or if you need us longer than planned, we will go along with your new planning. Not only that: The longer you stay, the more we are pleased - and you then benefit from possible long-stay discounts!

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Customer Testimonials
Berthe Dong

Ich habe nun seit einigen Jahren einen Lagerraum in Heerdt und bin wunschlos mit dem Top-Service, den Elena und Oliver leisten. Vielen Dank!

Olaf Düssel

Von der ersten Minute an perfektes Service, wobei für das gesamte(!) Team ein persönlicher Umgang mit den Kunden offenkundig immer wichtig war, was ich stets auch so verspürt habe - gute Laune war stets da :-) Lediglich der etwas unflexiblere Umgang mit dem Transporter (nur beim Einzug) - während der Corona Pandemie stand dieser während des ganzen Tags der Auflösung des Boxes zur Verfügung - mutete bei mir ein wenig albern an, zumal ich dies auch gegen Bezahlung einverstanden wäre, aber dem Team vor Ort ist sicherlich kein Vorwurf zu machen...da "Regeln" und "Entscheidung von oben" nehme ich an :D

David K

Hier stimmt es in allen relevanten Punkten die für das perfekte Lager in Frage kommen. Unfassbar freundliches Personal. Automatische Warenannahme Große Auswahl an Lagerboxen Großzügiger Hof (Verladung) Durchgehender Zutritt Trockene Lagerboxen