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Not enough storage space available? Such problems are known both privately and at work. Our job is to solve such problems with our warehouses in Hanover. Store from 32 cents/day, as long as you want!

Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony, trade fair city, university town and home to several locations of LAGERBOX. Thousands of storage options are available on many, many square meters of storage space here on the edge of the North German lowlands. However, you can look forward to a high standard of service, a lot of comfort around self-storage in Hanover and of course storage rooms in which you know your stored goods more than in good hands. We are there for both commercial and private customers, at short notice, as a transition or even for years.

Self-storage in Hanover

What is self-storage?

If you have become aware of us now, because you may want to rent a container in Hanover or wish to store furniture inexpensively, we can tell you that you have found here the best option in this regard. Because so is the storage with and at LAGERBOX:

  • flexibel
  • inexpensive
  • simple
  • safe
  • dry
That's the best way to store these days.

All these aspects of a proper and for you stress-free storage, we explain to you even in detail. First of all, we encourage you to continue to work on self-storage in Hanover, because that's the best way to use storage today.

A room, many possibilities

A room, many possibilities

Rented storage, an idea that has been around for a long time, we have optimized and refined it with our certain something. You will get storage space in our branches in Hanover, which is empty and clean and where you can, for example, store clothes or store a bicycle, but where you can also store Christmas decorations. You can also rent the unit as a cellar replacement or stockpile if, for example, you have a catering business and travel a lot.

Tip: Especially if you travel a lot and often access your storage unit, we can also take over the goods acceptance for you. You do not even have to be there in person and can concentrate on more important things in your daily work.

Not everywhere, you can just store like that

Our storage areas in Hanover are very versatile and can serve as storage space for many different things and occasions. Among other things, our storage units can do this because they offer the perfect storage conditions. It should be in your concern before you rent a basement, for example.

Maybe you already knew that you could not store wine everywhere, for example. Even storing files or tires is not possible in every room. It is essential that such and other things should be stored dry, at constant temperatures and humidity levels. It is the only way to ensure that such goods leave the warehouse as they were stored even after a prolonged storage period.

An empty room full of benefits for you

Store files or documents

That's exactly how it is with a storage unit. Here you can, for example, store files or documents and be sure that they remain in the same state even with sustained storage periods. Central to this is the following favorable circumstances in each storage space:

  • Dryness - moisture or even wetness is not good for any storeroom. Also, the contents of the warehouse will most likely worsen in condition, that is, a paper will be wavy, clothes moldy or if you rent damp tool storage, the metal will rust not so in a dry storage room. At our branches in Hanover, even delicate objects are in good hands and a dry warehouse.
  • Constant temperatures - for many stored goods even larger temperature fluctuations are not good. On the one hand, this is prevented by avoiding direct, permanent sunlight on the stored goods and, on the other, by constant temperature levels in our locations.
  • Safety - of course, we also define storage in Hanover by a high safety standard. As a renter, you have sole access to your self-storage unit - in addition to people you choose. The corridors in our buildings have video surveillance, and the locations themselves are alarmed.
  • Shelf installation - for an additional plus in your storage unit, you can contact us directly. If you wish, we can also organize the shelving in your storage unit for you. On the day of your move in, the practical storage furniture will be ready for you, and we will also place the shelves in the required intervals if you wish.

Book storage space - but how big?

Use our practical unit calculator

Now you know what's inside your personal storage unit before you even have your items. By the way, you will always enjoy these advantages no matter how big your storage space is. But how big does she have to be? Many misjudge, book too much or a too big storage space. We help you to avoid that, and this is how it works:

  1.  Help from our friendly local teams: Of course it makes a difference whether you store books, deposit sports equipment or an entire household. But you do not have to guess, but you can determine quite clearly how much storage space you need. Our employees can help you on site. If you book self-storage in Hanover with us, this service is always included: Storage room advice by phone, e-mail or personally on site.
  2. Use our practical room calculator: If you have a good overview and want to determine your own storage space, we offer you a free, non-binding extra service - the unit calculator from LAGERBOX. The tool allows you to calculate the optimal storage space size based on your specifications. Whether you store a few garden tools or tools makes a difference. Find it out with the unit calculator and the built-in Photo Function.
Apply for discounts at all our locations

What can self-storage costs in Hanover?

What can self-storage costs in Hanover?

Surely you are also interested in the costs of storing in Hanover. Our prices for storage space are calculated by area and the time for which you will rent our storeroom. A very favorable price entry is possible, but in addition, you can also get discounts at all our locations. Find out more about the prices online here or talk to our competent employees on site about how you can save on storage.

Free transporter on the moving in day

Speaking of saving: If you take advantage of our offer for self-storage in Hanover, you may also like to use a free transport from us. It is one of the additional services that make our storage so unique. A moving van is not only practical but also prepared to transport. Whether you are an entire household or seasonal needs deposit, this additional service is very pleasing for everyone.

The in-house vans not only save your budget. You also do not have to pick up the car at the car rental and drop it off at a third location. You just park it where you take your stuff.

Free transporter on the moving in day

Self-storage in Hanover - we work for you!

Purchase inexpensive moving boxes in Hanover

There are other helpful aspects right there to make self-storage easier, more convenient and more comfortable. Did you already know that you do not have to bother and bring transport assistance? If you rent a storage space from us, we will provide you with handcarts and pallet trucks and trolleys. In addition, many of our locations are barrier-free and equipped with elevators. Either way, you can easily transport your stored goods from the loading zone to your storage unit.

Purchase inexpensive moving boxes in Hanover

If you in this context also want to cover yourself with useful moving materials, you can do the same with us. In each of our local branches, you can buy moving materials at a low price:

  • Moving boxes in all standard sizes
  • Pack blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape and dispenser
  • Padlocks
  • Box cutter

LAGERBOX Hanover is almost always there for you

All these welcome extras for storage can be used daily and as a new customer at short notice. We are there for you if you want to rent a trade fair warehouse in Hanover at short notice. But you can also rely on us if you want to store furniture during a separation.

Wherever you are - we are there for you!

Even with similar significant changes in life, LAGERBOX can help you with additional storage space. If you would like to book a self-storage unit for a stay abroad, or if you would like to use a self-storage space in Hanover for the duration of a trip around the world, do not hesitate to plan it with us. Even when moving, not only does our free van fit well into your planning. If you have not yet found a new apartment or your new apartment is not ready, you know that there is also the necessary space for you in Hanover!


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