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Storage space rent in Berlin

Want free space for private or commercial use in Berlin? At LAGERBOX you will find storage units directly at several addresses. Safe, dry storage from 1-week and starting 9.95 € per month!

Find a location near you

Welcome to LAGERBOX in Berlin! Here in the capital, we operate three locations, in Hohenschönhausen, Neukölln, and Spandau. Whichever quarter of the city it attracts you, you will find a nearby self-storage warehouse in Berlin. The city is not only Germany's largest metropolis, but pulsates and continues to grow steadily. People move from A to B, they always have something to do, and rents in Berlin are rising steadily. Many reasons for cheap, flexible storage space and before you decide on a container, have a look at LAGERBOX Berlin. You can do that at our local branches or even here and now make a virtual impression of our offer.

The lack of space has come to an end with us.

Self-storage in Berlin: having more freedom simple and quickly


If you are a Berliner, you know the big city life very well. Often you have too little space, or the area is just too expensive. The capital is also a student city and a magnet for many people from all over the world. There is always room for new construction projects, and there is always a lot to do. There is less and less space. But with us, the lack of space has an end. We control it by providing you with the freedom you need, thanks to self-storage. With us, you can choose a practical storage space that meets your requirements.

Exactly the right storage space for you

 You determine how big your storage unit should be. Whether you use our warehouse space in Berlin as a tool store, store sports equipment or even store clothing, you will always find the right space for your items. We have exactly that for you in the range, take a look. You will receive help directly at the location: Our friendly staff will gladly assist you in determining the right size for your storage room. It can be done directly in person, by phone or by e-mail. Or you use a handy tool that we have specially programmed for this purpose.

Determine the size of the storage space with the unit calculator

unit calculator

Our unit calculator is a great help when it comes to finding perfect storage space. As far as the size of the unit and the area are concerned, our unit calculator gives you a tip on the scale that is perfectly matched to your stored goods because it results from them. It means that everything you specify in the unit calculator will credit to your following space requirements. You can also use the convenient photo feature, which allows you to show our staff exactly what you want to deposit.  In turn, this will enable us to tell you precisely what your optimal storage space is.

Storage space still available for you today

But we are flexible in space and time: In addition to a suitable area for you, you can get a storeroom or a basement replacement in Berlin virtually without a lead. Our locations in Berlin are also flexible in the booking times, and you can still store your home furnishings, rent a storeroom or deposit tires today. In the further course of your rental space use, you benefit from the simple, flexible way in which LAGERBOX designs the storage.

Self-storage: short or long-term the best

Store sports equipment

Because we are also a good choice as a temporary solution, for example, if you have not found a new apartment or your new apartment is not ready yet. Even if you store furniture during a separation or need to quickly find a replacement for your non-existent basement or roof storage, we are here in Berlin for you!

In the commercial sector, this diversity also benefits you. With us, you can use a storage unit at short notice as a trade fair or store seasonal needs, which should be kept for a whole season. If you save files or documents, they often have to stay available much longer.

Free Transporter when moving in

Free Transporter when moving in

We redefine self-storage with comfort and excellent service extras. One of them is our favorite free van. Our new customers receive it for their entry into one of our storage units in Berlin. The moving van will be provided free of charge by us - and will deliver your stored goods reliably to one of our locations in Berlin.

On-site everything is coordinated on self-storage

There, at our locations for depositing in Berlin, you and your objects expect the optimal conditions to store professionally. The journey to the branches is made as comfortable as possible. Sure, in Berlin you never know what the traffic situation today holds back for the motorists. We deliberately chose locations that are located on large streets and are easily accessible. Larger vehicles can also be parked well on our premises, and if you drive up to us, you have enough space to pick your goods.

Free transport aids and moving materials

Transport aids on site 

We also help you with our practical transport aids. On-site we provide sack trucks, pallet trucks, and trolleys at every location in Berlin. Then you load your stored goods and bring it easily and safely to your personal storage room. What else you need, you will certainly find in our moving shop. You can also see it in all our branches, and there you can purchase many useful things such as various moving boxes, blankets or protective foils.

Safe and protective deposit in Berlin

So you load and pack everything in an optimal way, and your stored items are in good hands with us. If you rent a warehouse from us, you can store garden tools there, conveniently deposit furniture or even store your Christmas decorations. Due to the excellent accompanying circumstances in your storage unit, you will find everything - even after a prolonged storage period - just as you have stored it.

  1. Dryness: We always rely on dry storage to effectively prevent moisture and consequential damage.
  2. Humidity: The same applies to the moisture, which we always keep at a constant level.
  3. Temperatures: We guarantee free from frost in the cold winter months.
  4. Security: Your storage space is lockable, the corridors in our buildings are video-monitored, and all our sites are of course alarm-protected.
Did you know? If you wish, you can also book the shelf installation with us. You tell us which shelves you need and also how the shelves shall be inserted, and then you can "put into the nest" when you move in.

How much can self-storage cost?

Self-storage costs 

So much flexibility and comfort service that must cost a lot of money, right? A legitimate question that we can not answer in the affirmative. Because with LAGERBOX you can inexpensively store books or a bicycle without having to dig deep into your pocket. We offer a reasonable rate for every space requirement as well as for every budget and in each of our locations in Berlin you can expect attractive discount promotions. If, for example, you want to rent a self-storage unit while traveling abroad or if you rent a self-storage space when traveling around the world, you can benefit from favorable long-term rates.

What, when and how long you want to save, LAGERBOX Berlin is there for you! We have been in Berlin for more than 10 years. We bring you the place that Berliners just need today. Thousands of storage rooms are waiting for you - book now!


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