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Renting storage space in Erfurt

Renting storage space in Erfurt – at LAGERBOX

Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, home to one of Germany’s oldest universities, the local cathedral, and over 200,000 people. If you are looking for storage space, we have not quite as many but still a considerable number of square metres for you to rent. With its state-of-the-art self-storage facilities, LAGERBOX is among the best providers for flexible, secure, and dry storage rooms in Erfurt. Is that what you’re looking for? Read on to find out more about self-storage, why it might be the ideal solution for you, and how much storing your belongings in Erfurt will cost you.

Lagerbox in Erfurt

How does self-storage in Erfurt work exactly?

The idea behind individual and flexible storage space using self-storage units is originally from the US, where self-storage providers have been offering their units all over the country now for decades. In Europe, they are represented by Federation of European Selfstorage Associations (FEDESSA), the umbrella organisation for more than 1,400 self-storage facilities all over the continent. The US success works here too because it offers many advantages:

  • Additional storage space for both private and business customers
  • Clean, dry, and secure storage
  • Flexible unit sizes
  • Individual rent and contract periods

This is the basic concept: our self-storage units are flexible and ideally suited for almost every storage good imaginable. However, at LAGERBOX in Erfurt, there are many additional and convenient features:

  • Fast move-in, often on the same dayStorage in Erfurt
  • Free-of-charge* van on the day of moving in
  • Many of our facilities have roofed loading areas
  • Free use of transport aids
  • Add a goods receiving service and a mailbox
  • In-house moving supplies shop
  • Long access hours on 365 days a year
  • High safety standards for your belongings

We are taking an already successful and highly customer-oriented concept and making it a little bit better: LAGERBOX has long-standing experience with self-storage, which we want to pass on to our customers at all our facilities all over Germany and at your facility in Erfurt.

What can I store at LAGERBOX in Erfurt?

Self storage ErfurtWe strive to fulfil your every wish but not everything can be stored in our units; see our storage FAQs to find out which goods we can’t store for legal reasons. For most things, however, we can offer you a dry storage place, one that has an ideal temperature and is lockable. They often include moving boxes, furniture from private households, gastronomy, or offices, files and books, sports equipment, tools, but also bikes and motorbikes.

Renting storage space in Erfurt – how does it work exactly?

Is there something on that list that you want to store with us? Whatever your need, we are happy to personally advise you about the storage opportunities at LAGERBOX in Erfurt. Whatever it is, self-storage is easy. Make sure to pack everything appropriately so nothing gets damaged or lost. Then simply transport your storage goods to our facility and fill up your LAGERBOX unit.

Space in Erfurt

What size should my storage unit in Erfurt be?

Good question: How much space do you need for which storage good? This is also something best talked about in a personal consultation. You should choose your storage unit based on what and how much you wish to store. Tip: Try using our handy online size calculator and find out how much space you need by yourself.

Storage in Erfurt – as long as you need it and always secure

Size matters when it comes to storage units but when it comes to safety, all our units in Erfurt are equally safe and optimised for your storage goods. Unlike garages, attics, and cellars, our storage units are air-conditioned and are climate-controlled. Whether you’re storing for weeks or several years: Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions at LAGERBOX, you will always get your storage goods back in exactly the same condition as you left them. Since all units are lockable, only you have access.

What does storage space cost in Erfurt?

Storage rentalReading all this, you’re probably thinking this must be quite expensive. The good news: it isn’t. We are an established provider of storage space in Erfurt and offer fair and transparent pricing. We make the numbers available to you before you sign anything. The price depends on the size and duration of your LAGERBOX storage unit. Based on our personal consultation and our size calculator, you only rent the space you need. Consequently, you only pay for what you need. If you decide you don’t need your box anymore, you can move out at short notice.

Does this sound like a good and fair idea to you? Book your individual LAGERBOX storage unit today!


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