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Rent a storage unit for self-storage in Krefeld

There is space! For you! LAGERBOX Krefeld quickly and easily solves space problems. With us, you can move on the same day into storage units. Short-term and permanent space problems can equally easily be solved by us.

Find a location near you

Krefeld is a small town with a big neighborhood. Here in the Rhineland, no city is very far away from the others, but in the larger cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf, rents are very high, and space is very scarce. Many people, therefore, prefer the storage space to the periphery - and of course, we have not overlooked the attractiveness of this location. With us, you can rent in storage distance to the big cities in the Rhineland, but also to the western Ruhr area and above all with excellent traffic connections. Do that if you want the best storage conditions for your stored goods - whether private or commercial.

How big must a storage space be?

Self-storage in Krefeld

But within which dimensions do you have to rent such a warehouse or are there only standardized rooms? The latter is not right for us. With us, you can rent the ideal alternative to a container, and exactly in the size in which you need your storeroom. We offer self-storage units in various sizes - which of them best suits you and your items can be found out with the help of our unit calculator.

The practical unit calculator

This tool was developed primarily for this purpose; it can determine based on your data, how big your ideal storeroom should be. That's a good thing because after all, you need a whole other dimension of self-storage when you rent garden tools than when you want to store just Christmas decorations. And while one wants to store an entire household, someone else wants to store files or documents. For all these and many other needs for additional, but also flexible and adaptable storage space, we at LAGERBOX have the ideal solution!

Tip: You can also contact us personally if you need help. Send us pictures of your stored goods by e-mail, call us or visit us in person at our location in Krefeld. Our friendly staff will gladly help you to determine the ideal stock size for you based on your information.
We know that lack of space sometimes goes hand in hand with a lack of time.

Determine how big your ideal storeroom should be based on your information

Rent spontaneous and short-term storeroom

As far as the storage area is concerned, we are always responsive and flexible, and that is also the case in terms of time. It means that you can even rent a tool store or a basement replacement today, as well as safely store your furniture during a separation. We are so spontaneous because we know that lack of space sometimes goes hand in hand with a lack of time. Here you can entirely rely on us! We are open early in the morning and are there late at night. Contact us via one of our numerous communication channels, and you can move in soon!

Free transporter on the moving in day!

Free transporter on the moving in day!

But not only that: LAGERBOX redefines self-storage with a whole lot of service and comfort — concomitants, which can just be an advantage if you rent from us in Krefeld a welcome alternative to the basement. So you can check in with us not only at short notice but also make a hook to the check box for moving van. Namely, new customers get that with only one day lead by LAGERBOX! You can pick up the van from us in Krefeld, drive 30 inclusive kilometers and simply return it to us after use. No rental costs, no hassle with a car rental!

Storage space for private storage

Storage space for private storage

Of course, this benefits our private customers who do not have a van in the driveway. For them, LAGERBOX is generally a welcome addition to the personal space offer, if they have not found a new apartment or the apartment is not ready. Even if you want to rent a self-storage unit for your planned trip around the world or a self-storage space before you go abroad, our doors are open for you.

Self-storage units for commercial use

Storeroom for commercial use

Of course, the many commercial customers benefit from the excellent infrastructure and the connection to many highways near Krefeld. A57, A52, A44, A40, all just a stone's throw away from Krefeld, so that you will soon be traveling in all directions from the location of your Krefeld branch. It can be interesting, for example, if you want to rent a trade fair storeroom. But you can also store sports equipment or seasonal requirements for your company with us. We are very flexible in terms of time.

Safe, dry and clean

We attach great importance to storage spaces that are always dry and clean.

On the other hand, the high standard around the professional storage of your items always remains the same. We, like our customers, attach great importance to storage spaces that are always dry and clean. In this way, we ensure that your stored goods always remain in the condition in which they have been stored, even if stored for a long time. Thanks to our excellent storage conditions, you can store your bike, books or clothes worry-free with us. Even the seasonal tire storage you do with us and optimally!

How much space you need, you can find out with the help of our competent staff on site or with our free unit calculator. You can rent your perfect storage unit from 9,95 Euro per month.


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