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Now calculating space requirements

How much space do I need? Find out quickly how much it is with with our room calculator.



In PDF format and to download, fill out and print necessary forms of LAGERBOX.

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Directly at us through our partners to insure your goods. Having insurance from just 4 Euro/month.

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Play it safe and rent your mailbox from us, which we can gladly empty for you.

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With our move checklist, you plan and fulfill your move well-prepared point by point.

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The practical LAGERBOX moving tips help you to keep an eye on everything that is important during your move from the very beginning.

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Upon request, we will accept your package and store it when it is delivered to the LAGERBOX location.

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Ask at the location for professional removal material. For example, also for extra-sturdy boxes or archive boxes.

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If required, we offer shelves for your storage in our LAGERBOX branch and build them up as well.

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There are handcarts, trolleys and other means of transport for transport free of charge, in and at the LAGERBOX location.

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We have transporters or trailers ready for you at the site. On the day of moving in at LAGERBOX even free.

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What do you actually need on storage space? You can calculate this easily and quickly with our unit calculator.

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In Hannover-List we are with over 1.000 storage units on site, there is certainly the right thing for you and your stored goods! Self-storage is convenient and comfortable, but LAGERBOX can add a few pluses in terms of storage conditions, comfort, and service. Since 2016 we are on site with our storage spaces in Hannover-List. The location has a very good transport connection, is located directly on the Podbielskistraße and is thus easily accessible even with larger vehicles.

Load and unload in the dry, even in bad weather

The unique feature of our location in Hannover-List

LAGERBOX Hannover-List

Once there, you have enough space for maneuvering and parking. But that's not all: our system has a comfortable drive-in area, which allows you to load and unload in a covered area, meaning in the dry, even in bad weather. Besides, our location in Hannover-List also offers mailboxes and an excellent connection to public transport - if you get off at the Klingerstraße stop, you are only a stone's throw away from LAGERBOX.

What self-storage offers you

Selfstorage in Hannover-List

If you still have not found a new home, are planning a longer stay abroad, or if you need extra space for commercial reasons, just use our offer. Self-storage is not without reason an internationally successful concept, because it is available on short notice, flexibly and dynamically adaptable to the requirements of the customers and it represents an excellent alternative to other storage possibilities.

Better than attics, basements, and garages

LAGERBOX is better than attics, basements, and garages

Many people tend to store a lot of things in storage rooms, basements or garages. If these are not available, they need extra storage space externally. But even if appropriate storage options exist, it may be that these are completely unsuitable as a storage area. Basements can be damp, and garages can be subject to substantial temperature fluctuations. Attics in multi-family homes are also accessible to others. LAGERBOX is not all that.

Store with care, have more of it

LAGERBOX is better because with us your stored goods expect optimal climatic conditions. In our storage units, there are no extreme temperature fluctuations, no permanent sunlight and no moisture. It ensures that everything you store in our warehouses retains its current condition. It means that if you rent your storage space in Hannover-List from us, you will get everything back to the state in which you stored it.

Rental periods, as flexible as you

Rental periods, as flexible as you

Of course, this also applies if you rent a storage space from us for a more extended period. Even if you want to use us as a short-term transitional solution, we are an attractive partner especially for a long-term rental. People who emigrate or temporarily stay abroad are grateful for the opportunity to store their belongings rather than having to sell them. Also for seasonal needs LAGERBOX is ideally suited or for machinery and construction site accessories. You can even ripen your wine in our warehouses. Also, there is an interesting aspect that you can benefit from attractive long-term rates at LAGERBOX!

Tip: A discount is always in it! Talk to us about your savings options. 

LAGERBOX is here for you

Goods acceptance service for our customers in Hanover

Also, LAGERBOX gives the recipe for success Selfstorage even more spice. We are simply there for you if you need help with storage. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with help and advice, and we offer you on-site free transportation aids such as pallet trucks or handcarts for order picking.  You can also purchase everything else (like moving boxes, adhesive tapes, blankets, and foils) in our local moving shop.  You will receive from us your van free of charge on the moving in day at LAGERBOX in Hannover-List!


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Customer Testimonials
Kai Auhagen

Nach der Anmietung vor Ort lässt sich die Box nach nicht mal 10min betreten. Die Auswahl und Beratung für die optimale Lagerbox ist gegeben. Die Boxen sind sauber und können durch die Handwagen schnell befüllt / entleert werden.

Lugo Masquri

Vor ein paar Tagen wurde ich äußerst kompetent vom Lagerbox Team vor Ort beraten! Die Anlage sieht ordentlich und sicher aus.

Richi Germanius

Ich bin ganz begeistert, wie unkompliziert die Einlagerung und Vertragsabwicklung von statten gegangen ist. Ein großes Lob auch an das kompetente Personal vor Ort!