Rent low-cost storage space in Gelsenkirchen

If you are looking for experts for moving, transport and, above all, storage, you will find it thanks to LAGERBOX. We show you our extensive partner network in the city and tell you how to store properly.

Renting storage space in Gelsenkirchen – central self-storage in the Ruhr area

Rent a spaceGelsenkirchen is part of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region and right in the middle of the Ruhr area. When people think of Gelsenkirchen, they think not only of mining but also of FC Schalke 04, the city’s home club. Even beyond that, Gelsenkirchen has a lot to offer and is home to over 260,000 people. However, the lack of space is ever-present, especially in the densely populated Ruhr area. If you’re looking to rent affordable storage space in Gelsenkirchen, don’t look any further than LAGERBOX. We offer a variety of storage units with flexible leases. LAGERBOX offers self-storage at a fair price.


Self-storage in Gelsenkirchen – this is how it’s done

Do you want to rent a storage space in Gelsenkirchen to store your furniture, tools, and gardening equipment? Then LAGERBOX is the place for you. Rent a storage unit that is exactly the way you want it. This is how easy self-storage is in Gelsenkirchen:

  • Identify the storage space you need.
  • Book your storage space online, via telephone, or email.
  • Our on-site staff at LAGERBOX will show you the storage unit you have reserved and talk you through the details.
  • After that, you can move in straight away if you want. For moving in, you are welcome to use our free-of-charge LAGERBOX transport van and many other transport aids.

Lagerbox self-storage
As you can tell, self-storage at LAGERBOX in Gelsenkirchen is as easy as child’s play. Contact our competent service team today.


Renting storage space in Gelsenkirchen – all the advantages at a glance

Self-storage in Gelsenkirchen is the ideal solution for everybody who wants to declutter their home or office. Read on to find out why a LAGERBOX unit in Gelsenkirchen is right for you:

  • Perfect climate for every storage good. A guaranteed dry and frost-free environment.
  • Flexible storage unit sizes.
  • Flexible leases, starting at one week, and short notice periods.
  • Free-of-charge* transport van on your move-in day, and often for moving-out too.
  • Various free-of-charge transporting aids, e.g., hand trucks, lifting carts, and trolleys.
  • Generous areas for parking and manoeuvring for hassle-free loading and unloading.
  • State-of-the-art security technology, including alarm systems and CCTV.

As you can tell, there are many good reasons for booking a storage unit at LAGERBOX in Gelsenkirchen. We also offer short-term leases to meet your self-storage needs. Call us now!


LAGERBOX Gelsenkirchen – flexible storage opportunities for private and business customers

At LAGERBOX in Gelsenkirchen, renting a storage unit is very easy for private and business customers alike. Dry and secure, you can use it to store furniture, bikes, tools, or gardening equipment. For business customers, too, self-storage is an ideal solution for many things, including storage of important files. Declutter your office and rent a handy file cabinet instead – at LAGERBOX in Gelsenkirchen. Benefit from our flexible opening hours. We are open every day between 6am and 11pm, on 365 days a year.
Rent a storage

We at LAGERBOX Gelsenkirchen are professionals when it comes to self-storage.



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