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Essen Stadtkern

Rent a storage unit in Essen

The advantage of selfstorage with LAGERBOX

  • from 1m³ storage
  • from 1 week rental period
  • Free transporter *
  • Free transport on site
  • Access 6-23h** / 365
  • Incoming goods
  • Coded access
  • Alarm / video secured
  • no admin fee
  • Storage is insured


You can change to a smaller or
bigger storage unit flexible and uncomplicated.

Availability by phone:

Mo.-Fr.: 08:00 - 21:00 clock

Sa.: 09:00 - 17:00 clock

Phone: 0800 222 666 999 (for free)

Warehouse access in general:
Mo. – So.: 06:00 – 23:00 Clock

office hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 18:00 Clock
Sa.: 09:00 – 16:00 Clock

Now calculating space requirements

How much space do I need? Find out quickly how much it is with with our room calculator.



Here on our website: all useful forms and forms for your storage at LAGERBOX.

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Directly at us through our partners and very straightforward: stored goods insurance from 5 € / month.

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Rent your mailbox from us and play it safe. We can also to empty it for you if you like.

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With the help of this checklist, you can easily move and plan your move in all details.

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With practical LAGERBOX moving tips we help you that your move succeeds smoothly.

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We will gladly accept your parcels and store them when they are delivered to the LAGERBOX location.

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Ask at the location for professional moving material such as boxes, blankets, foils and tape at attractive prices.

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On request, we can offer shelves for your storage in our LAGERBOX store on site and build them up.

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For transport in and at the LAGERBOX location: use handcarts, trolleys and other means of transport free of charge.

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There are vans or trailers ready for you at the site. Use this service for free* on the moving in day at LAGERBOX.

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How much space do you need for your self-storage? It can be determined step by step very quickly with the unit calculator.

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You do not need to look far if you want to rent storage space in Essen. Just head towards the center and close to the central station you will find 906 storage units of LAGERBOX, which you can book quickly and easily. If you decide today to store something, we can even provide you with the appropriate storage space today. It is as fast as it is inexpensive: Already from 9,95 Euro per 4 weeks you are in self-storage with us. That's only 0,32 euros a day!

The storage conditions at LAGERBOX are among the best in Essen.

The right place for every good

LAGERBOX Essen Stadtkern

However, it is also convenient for you that in principle you can store almost everything well with us. LAGERBOX is not just furniture storage, but suitable for anything for which you currently have no space or what you may not be able to adequately store in your own home, because the conditions are not right. It mainly affects sensitive and sensitive things, such as fabrics and clothing, books and files or high-quality tools and equipment. That and much more is in good hands with LAGERBOX, because the storage conditions at LAGERBOX are among the best in Essen.

At LAGERBOX in Essen, the climate is right

Rent storage space in Essen

Not only is our the working atmosphere good and our friendly staff there are also optimal circumstances in the warehouses. Very important are constant temperatures, not too much direct sunlight and, of course, dryness. These are all aspects that you will find in a less optimal warehouse, such as in garages, basements or attics, so not in total and perfection. In return, it can cause some things to survive long-term storage hardly unscathed. But we are here to help with our storage units in Essen-Center.

Tip: Keep in mind that garages are not allowed as a general storage space by law.

Flexible booking, easy to use

Book a rental storage in Essen flexibly and use it easily

If you want to use the availability for yourself and your stored goods, you can organize it in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. Call or write to us and formulate your storage needs. A short time later, we will provide you with your personal storage space, and you can move in. We are always flexible and would like to help you meet your storage needs as quickly as possible.

We also support you with mobility! You will receive a free van on the moving in day, with which you can bring your stored goods to us.

Facts about our location in Essen-Center

There you will find a comfortable drive-in-area, thanks to which you can always store in and out of the rain. Our building - a former VW dealership on Hachestrasse - has several parking levels on the upper floors. The location, which we included in our store team in 2010, also scores with its excellent location in the center of Essen and is easily accessible by both small and larger vehicles.

Practical transport aids free on-site

Practical transport aids free on-site

Also, in general, we always offer at all our locations helpful moving aids such as handcarts, pallet trucks or transport scooters for free use. In our moving shop, you can also stock up on useful things such as various moving boxes, adhesive tape or even carpet knives and slides.

In addition to the optimal storage conditions in our 906 warehouses in Essen, you can also "set up" to make the storage time for your items as optimal as possible.

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Customer Testimonials

Die Abwicklung erfolgte schnell und problemlos. Der Service ist wunderbar und auch die Räumlichkeiten sind schön sauber. Man hat eine große Auswahl durch verschieden große "Räume", je nach Nutzungsbedarf.


Alles positiv


einfach gut und freundlich

* The transporter is included in the Smart and Premium packages from a monthly rental of 50 € for the move-in. In the Premium package, it is even included when you move out. In general, the use of the transporter requires availability. The use is limited to the times from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 3:30 pm. 30 km are included, each additional kilometer is charged with 0,50 €.

** The Dortmund Innenstadt Ost and Krefeld locations have access hours of 6-22h on 365 days, the location in Berlin Neukölln from Monday to Saturday from 6-22h and on Sunday/holiday from 9-20h. All other locations have access to the storage room 365 days from 6-23h.