Self-storage Bielefeld: Short-term storage space rent

Where can you find the right self-storage provider in Bielefeld? At LAGERBOX: We show you our best partners in the city and name you more, with which you can move and transport.

Bielefeld is a city in East Westphalia, which develops a solid economic power together with the neighboring town of Gütersloh. In addition to important educational institutions, there are also significant, important companies here that make the region one of the most important in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany. Self-storage providers are also present in Bielefeld and help people in both the private and commercial sector to store all kinds of stored goods safely and dryly in a suitable storage room.

If you are looking for storage space in Bielefeld, read on. We'll tell you what to look for in a professional storage room and why self-storage is just right for it.

How does self-storage work?

Self-storage in Bielefeld 

If you have never done it and want to know how self-storage works, here's a quick rundown of how to imagine a self-storage warehouse:

  • Available rental storerooms
  • In specially designated buildings
  • Staff on site
  • Video surveillance and alarm protection
  • Lockable storage units
  • Just drive up with a transporter and fill the storage space

It can be so easy if you rent a storage space in Bielefeld. Pack everything you want to store, drive to your self-storage partner and bring your stored goods to the designated storage space.

That's the ideal storage space

Use a rental storeroom in Bielefeld 

The storage space is specially made for storage, it must also meet specific requirements for an adequate storage space. Everything you bring and store with you should remain intact throughout the storage period. Therefore, the following aspects are very important in self-storage:

  • Dryness - a prerequisite for temporary storage, as many materials may be susceptible to moisture and moisture. Dryness is essential to avoid damage to wood, paper or cardboard and metals in your storage space!
  • Clean: When renting your storage unit, you will receive a cleaned storage space when moving in. It is just as important in addition to dryness as dirt can attack stored goods or even attract uninvited "subtenants".
  • Temperatures & Humidity: Both values ​​should remain at a constant level in a professional storage room. Of course, there may be minor differences, but extreme changes in temperature and humidity can also affect the condition of some stored goods and should be avoided.
  • Safety: Detached from the climate in the storage space, safety is an enormously important aspect during storage. Of course, you want a storeroom that is protected from third-party access. This is guaranteed by a lockable storeroom, alarm systems, and safety technology - this is also the case with LAGERBOX.

Self-storage better than garages and attics

Self-storage better than garages and attics 

And that's exactly how an excellent storage space should be. However, you will not find all of the above if you build a private storeroom in a basement, garage or loft. Eventually, such storage just barely meets a minimum of security. But above all, the climatic conditions you have by no means under control, if you do not store in a professional storage space. A basement can be damp, in garages or attics, there are sometimes large temperature differences. The humidity can fluctuate, and there can be permanent UV exposure of your stored goods due to permanent solar radiation.

Incorrectly stored - these damages can happen

  • Cardboard or paper waves through moisture
  • Rust metals
  • Woods become rotten or moldy
  • Mold on clothes, fabrics, and furniture
  • Wine becomes inedible due to UV radiation
  • Tires become porous due to sunlight

These are just a few of the things that can happen to you or your stored items if you store them incorrectly.

Tip: In the garage storage is allowed only very limited anyway. The garage may not be used by law as a general store for furniture, moving boxes & Co. It is considered an administrative offense, which can result in a fine. More here.

Rent storage space as long as you want

Garage may not be used by law as a general storeroom 

Then you better do it right. Invest in an excellent professional warehouse and save on any new acquisition costs due to improper storage. In the case of private or commercial storage in a self-storage warehouse, you have all personal liberties, starting with the desired rental period. For LAGERBOX it looks like this for you:

  • Rent from one-week minimum term
  • Freely selectable rental period, including months or years
  • Notice period: only one week
  • Both storeroom size and rental period are subsequently customizable

Perfect storage space: not too big and not too small

The size of the storage space is important 

So we would be right at the next central aspect in the storage space rental. The size of the storage unit is, of course, significant to you. Everything should fit into the storeroom, but at the same time, the size of the warehouse is also a price factor, which is why you do not want to hire too much. We know these considerations only too well and offer our customers a practical unit calculator with which the ideal storage rspace size can be determined. The best thing to do when choosing a self-storage company is to make sure you get this handy help there as well.

Simple calculation - this can cost a storage room: area + rental period = price

Storage room for private and commercial

{{img:412_6:left:Renting a storeroom does not have to be expensive}

Self-storage is suitable for both private and commercial customers and their stored goods. You can rent self-storage for stays abroad or world trips, if you have not yet found a new apartment or if you are looking for a tool store for an assembly job.

Self-storage Bielefeld - where everything revolves around storage

Either way, you will always find ideal conditions for storage at a location for professional self-storage. It includes, for example, the following aspects:

  • Always easily accessible by car, commercial vehicle, truck
  • Free van on the day of your move
  • Free transport aids on site for customers
  • Moving shop for practical change paraphernalia
  • Goods acceptance by our employees and PO boxes possible
  • Drive-in-area at many locations for dry storage and retrieval

If all this sounds good to you, get your individual storage space in Bielefeld now. It is best for your stored goods!


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