Rent a storage unit: Selfstorage in Leverkusen

If you are looking for a free and flexible storage unit in Leverkusen, you are in the right place at LAGERBOX! Germany's first self-storage provider has the perfect storage space for everyone and almost everything!

 Are you looking for a storage space in Leverkusen? You can now complete your search successfully because with LAGERBOX you can get exactly the storage space you and your stored goods need! We are there for both private and commercial customers alike, offer you storage space in the appropriate size and can also adapt to your needs in terms of time. Setting up a storeroom with us means a lot of service and comfort is included. LAGERBOX Leverkusen is easily accessible by any kind of vehicle and is accessible to you most of the day. Find out now how well it all works for you.

Storage room in Leverkusen - Your benefits at a glance

Self-storage in Leverkusen

If you are interested in a storage space and want to store sports equipment, for example, or need a basement replacement, a self-storage unit is indeed just right for you. The self-storage concept - German for store by yourself - stipulates that everyone can book their own, exclusive storage space. The warehouse offers the best climatic storage conditions, is lockable and only accessible to you. At the same time, self-storage in Leverkusen is all about self-storage, and everything here is infrastructural. What advantages this has in detail for you, we explain to you below.

Find optimal storage space - that's how it works

If you, too, want a tool storeroom under such ideal circumstances, we now explain how to do it quickly and easily:

Determine storage area with the unit calculator

Store sports equipment in Leverkusen

Natürlich möchten Sie wissen, wie groß Ihr Lagerraum sein muss. Das können wir gut verstehen und die Ermittlung der Lagerraumgröße gehört auch zum Buchungsprozess mit dazu. Nutzen Sie den kostenlosen Raumrechner von LAGERBOX, geben Sie ein, ob Sie zum Beispiel ein Fahrrad lagern möchten, Weihnachtsdeko einlagern oder auch Gartengeräte lagern werden. Das Tool sagt Ihnen letztendlich, wie groß Ihr Lagerraum sein muss, damit alles hineinpasst.

Schon gewusst? Keine Sorge, die hier errechnete Lagerfläche ist nicht verbindlich. Sie können später auch noch umbuchen.

Move into storage space today

Self-storage in Leverkusen: book appointment and booking period

Now you know how much storage space you need, and surely you already have some idea of how long you will use a storage unit. We are always very flexible:

  1. Move into storage space today
  2. Only one week minimum term
  3. Stay as long as you want

For some stored goods, you already know in advance how long you will need a storeroom, for example, if you store seasonal needs or tires.

Self-storage also for office documents

Self-storage also for office documents

Even if you store files or company documents, depending on the type of records, you can estimate quite well in advance how long you will book the storage room in Leverkusen. Just think about tax documents that have to be kept for up to ten years. If you want to rent a storeroom for this, we are exactly the right partner for your company.

Incidentally, this also applies if you want to rent a trade fair storage space in Leverkusen. If you arrive shortly before the fair, bring it all in and lay a good foundation for a successful exhibition in the city or one of the neighboring trade fair cities.

Better than basements or garages

In any case, just such sensitive and important documents in a self-storage unit are much better off than elsewhere. Attics and garages do not provide constant temperatures, and humidity can be a problem there as well. Even if you decide on a container, not all sensitive items are stored there optimally. Just when you store delicate items like books or clothes, it has to be dry and clean. We therefore always recommend that you rent a replacement for the container or basement just for such stored goods, where sooner or later it will simply be better accommodated.

Tip: The garage may not be used by law as a pure storage. Only motor vehicles and relevant accessories may be stored in a garage. More [here] (2327).
With us you can also move in spontaneously and accommodate the contents of your entire household.

No new apartment found?

No new apartment found?

Even with a very acute need for storage space, many think of the garage first: Where to go with the household, if you do not have a new home, even though the lease expires? Other cause, same problem: What to do if the new apartment is not ready yet, although your rental period starts now? Hard to get a good advice, but self-storage in Leverkusen is not! With us, you can also move in spontaneously and bring your apartment. Even if you want to accommodate furniture in a separation or have too little space because you move-in together, we can support you in the short term.

Storage space for intermediate rent, world trip or stay abroad

Maybe it should also be long-term, and you want to book a storage space on a trip around the world or use a self-storage unit when traveling abroad. Many choose then on the also very convenient intermediate rent, so they do not have to pay the rent during the absence. However, if you do not want unknown tenants to live in your home with your household for months or years, self-storage is the one for you.


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