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Everything about a change of residence must be well coordinated, especially the actual transition from the old to the new apartment. Sometimes it can happen that even a three-month notice period is not quite enough to find a new apartment. If you have not found a new apartment, but have to get out of your old one, where is your household going? Do not worry, with LAGERBOX you have found a flexible partner that will not leave you and your household in the street. Even with short-term needs, we and our storage rooms are there for you!

Your advantages with our storage spaces at a glance:

  1. Freely scalable storage space for everyone
  2. Free van on the day of your move in with us
  3. Enough storage space, also very short notice
  4. Dry, alarm-protected and flexibly bookable
  5. Unbureaucratic handling
  6. Short notice

LAGERBOX is there for you if you need a fast and safe storage space in your area. Even if you want to store not only short-term but also much temporarily, we can meet your needs. With us, you will find storage space between 1 cubic meter and 30 square meters and if you need more, just book a second room. If you need help finding your space, just send us pictures of your items, and we'll calculate how much storage space you need. You can also visit us directly, or you can use our room calculator directly here online.

Rent storage space: simple, flexible, short term

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Afterwards, you can rent your storage space without significant bureaucratic hurdles. We keep the whole procedure uncomplicated and straightforward, after all, you already have enough to do with organizing your move. Incidentally, in this sense we will also provide you with a practical means of transport: LAGERBOX will provide you with a free transporter on the day you move into your storage room, and transport aids, such as ladders or elevators to the upper floors, are available from us on site too!

At LAGERBOX everything is in good hands

Bei At LAGERBOX everything is in good hands

The storage areas themselves will inspire you: Our premises are video-monitored, and the warehouses are ideal for storing furniture, boxes or clothing. Dry, air-conditioned and of course safe, your household is safe with us, and when you have finally found a new apartment, you can take off again at LAGERBOX within a short notice period.









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