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Store your Furniture and Personal Effects in Secure and Dry Rooms

Safe My Storage Now

lbs_privatWe can help you with your storage issues! LAGERBOX provides you with individual solutions for whatever you wish to put into storage.   LAGERBOX offers secure, clean and dry storage units for all the stuff in your life that you don’t have a short or long-term solution for in your household.

Make room in your cellar or attic!

It’s great to have ample storage room in one’s house – but is it also protected against moisture and frost? Valuable furniture, books or clothing can quickly diminish in value if not stored properly. Don’t let your stuff go to waste. Proper storage is incredibly easy – with LAGERBOX!

Especially during winter, this is not only more convenient for you, but also safer for the things you wish to store: surfboards, sailing paraphernalia, diving or golf equipment, and many other things. All these things might fit in your garage – but are they sufficiently protected against break-ins or temperature swings? LAGERBOX offers frost-proof, easily accessible storage rooms equipped with individual alarm systems – for bulkier objects also.

Move effortlessly with LAGERBOX!

You want to move out, but your new place is not ready yet? You need to be flexible in your job and aren’t sure what do with your furniture for short period of time? In cooperation with our reliable partners, LAGERBOX offers you a convenient one-stop-shop solution for moving and storing your entire household effects.

Make the most of your living space!


Your family is growing, but your apartment is not growing with it? The short-term storage rooms at LAGERBOX give you the opportunity to use your apartment the way you want without saying goodbye to precious belongings. Don’t limit your living space! Instead, use our storage units, which are tailored to your individual needs.