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Where can you rent a basement as a storage space?

Sure, you can rent a basement, but how about the storage space at a much higher level? A storage unit with us is not damp, does not get too cold and there aren't insects. So, it is better for any stored belonging.

Basement rooms are ideal for everything you no longer use or do not want to see. But what if your basement is full, damp or maybe not available? In this case, you can rent a basement, which can certainly help you with a few extra square meters. There are even portals and ads on the Internet, where basements are sublet. But is that really a good solution for your stuff? Is a basement protected and dry? How flexible and reliable is the basement room rental actually?

The basement rental seems very handy at first glance. We analyze them for you, but make a much better proposal!

Auf den ersten Blick bietet sich der Keller an

Basement as a storeroom

There are things that you simply do not need every day in your own home: whether that is the raclette machine of the Christmas dinner or the Christmas decoration itself or moving boxes, unused clothing, tools or generally seasonal needs. Such things and many more find space in the living rooms, but take it away from the important everyday things and should, therefore, be stored elsewhere. The basement offers itself here for several reasons.

These advantages could provide the basement as a warehouse:

  • Short proximity to the living room, you do not have to carry far
  • With excerpt, everything is only one floor away
  • The basement is cool and dark - suitable for storing
  • The basement is lockable and therefore safe
Price-Hit: With us a storage unit costs you from 9,95 Euro / 4 weeks, that is ONLY from 32 Cent/day.

Sure, the basement is literally close at hand if you are looking for a simple, fast storage for a few things from your own household. But behind two of the supposed advantages of the basement, we have to ask question marks. Because contrary to popular belief, the basement is usually dark, but not always cool and certainly not useful per se for storage.

A basement cannot guarantee your storage goods consistent temperatures.

These are the disadvantages of the basement as a storeroom

Moisture damages the stored goodst

Why that is so and with what disadvantages you should also expect when you rent a basement space, we tell you in the following: Starting with the coolness in the basement, we point out that the temperatures in the basement vary greatly and especially in winter very can fall deeply. Last but not least, this depends on the thermal insulation on the outer shell of the house, but a cellar can certainly not offer your storage goods consistently constant temperatures. But this is how it should be to store things such as furniture, clothing, shoes or even delicate electronics, books, files or art gently and not to impair their durability.

  • Temperature fluctuations in the basement
  • Moisture damages the stored goods
  • Safety is not necessary given

Also, if you rent a basement room, you always have to reckon with humidity due to the temperature conditions - a big drawback, because moisture can cause many kinds of mold and mildew. Your household is not safe in the basement from such influences. Speaking of security: It does not prevail in the basement if we consider a different context. If you rent a basement room, it may be lockable with a small padlock. However, this is not sufficient, depending on the value of the stored items.

Instead of renting a basement, come to us

store at LAGERBOX

Better play it safe and reserve a storage unit in one of our branches. Everything stored safely, dry and cool. Also, you can enjoy services at our locations that can never offer you a small cellar rental in the form and scope. Everything is in good hands with us, your items in our storage rooms and of course you as a customer!

Flexible storage in your neighborhood

The only thing that really gives the basement a big advantage is its proximity to your own home. Whereby this advantage also disappears again, if you rent a strange cellar space. You will also find a branch in your area with us and/or our partners. So there are only advantages left for LAGERBOX in contrast to the rented cellar room. Advantages of which, in particular, your stored items, their safety and durability benefit.

LAGERBOX: qualitatively several floors above the basement

optimales Lagerraum-Klima

Is not that exactly what the ultimate goal is? You want to recover your items exactly as they were when they were put into storage. But you can only achieve this if you use adequate storage space, which has the perfect storage conditions in all respects. And that's what we offer you at LAGERBOX:

  1. Full load safety: The safety aspect, if you rent a private cellar: LAGERBOX represents a clear contrast here - our buildings are alarm-protected, our corridors are video-monitored, and your personal storage space is of course wholly lockable, and only you have the key.
  2. The perfect storage room climate: Our key to a great storage of all possible items is called optimal storage room climate. It is essential that professional storage units (as the private basement cannot be called) always have a constant internal temperature. So they stay dry, so moisture and its effects are effectively avoided. Thanks to continuous darkness, things like stored tires, clothing, paintings or leather furniture are not damaged by the sun's light and heat.
  3. Flexible and straightforward: After all, we still come up with the advantages that you simply enjoy at LAGERBOX as a provider of professional storage rooms. Especially regarding simplicity and flexibility, we are very far ahead. Even if we professionally rent out storage space and offer many great features, that does not mean that the storage space rental is complicated for us. You can rent from us your alternative to the basement room at short notice, start from 1 week with us and set up quickly. At the same time, we have short notice periods, and you can organize everything very easily with us.

Elsewhere the service is in the basement - LAGERBOX is top-level!

Are you looking for even more benefits that you expect when you rent a dry, secure and flexible storage space from us? Most certainly! Here are more reasons for you. There are so many that we would simply list them for you:

  • Storage rooms between 1 m³ and 30 m²
  • Convenient access at any time by car or truck
  • Free van on the day of your move
  • Free transportation assistance available on-site
  • Online moving shop for practical materials
  • Goods acceptance by our employees possible
  • Drive-in-area, so you always load in and out of the dry
  • You will be informed by us when receiving goods by e-mail, so you do not have to be permanently on site
Start with our practical unit calculator!

Determine space requirements now with the unit calculator

Determine space requirements

Could we convince you with these many great arguments per LAGERBOX? You want to start right now and rent your optimal storage space? Then you best start directly with our practical unit calculator. Many overestimate the required storage space. With us, you know exactly. Based on your information about stored goods, our room calculator determines how much storage space you need. So you only rent as much as you actually need. Another advantage over the cellar rental, because our storage space is scalable.









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