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Lagerbox for personal storage

Rent a Lagerbox privately

New home, contract with your partner, or terminate your lease and have not found a flat yet - there's plenty of room for extra space in a self-storage house. But can you actually take such offers as a private individual or do you have to go back to the basement or the attic? No, of course, you can also rent privately at LAGERBOX and enjoy the many advantages with us just like our commercial customers. Find out what these are and what application examples for private self-storage at the rental warehouse can be found here and now.

Rent storage space quickly and flexibly

Rent storage space quickly and flexibly

A first real advantage for you is that we can be there for you at very short notice. If you really want to rent a storage space privately, this may even be possible today. You can quickly find out how much storage space you need with our Unit Calculator or our staff, and then reserve your storage space (13). In addition to storage space in various sizes, we are also flexible regarding time. You book as much as you need, as long as you need it. We are happy to be there for both short and long-term renters.

Storage space from € 0,32 per day

With the help of our employees, you determine how much storage space you need

Even with a high degree of flexibility and simplicity, we do not want to forget an essential aspect for our customers: affordability. You can book our low-priced storage rooms from just 9,95 Euro per month. That corresponds to a sensational daily price of only 32 cents!

Darum lohnt sich Selfstorage für privat

Self-storage for private 

If you are currently interested in a storage option in the area of rental warehousing, you certainly have an acute need for additional storage space and area. For some reason, there is not enough room in your own four walls, or maybe you do not even have your own four walls for a while? At the same time, you need the storage area at short notice and want to stay flexible. Do you want a place in which you know your stored goods safe and in which a good storage climate prevails? If one or more of these points apply to you, self-storage at LAGERBOX is exactly the right concept for you!

With us you enjoy self-storage "de luxe"

The popular idea of storing by yourself, how to translate self-storage, we have been the first provider in Germany. We not only accepted the concept but also made it even better. So our customers can look forward to a whole range of amenities and additional services when they rent storage space from us.

free van will be provided by Lagerbox 

Your advantages in our storage spaces

  1. Dryness: For many stored goods, it is essential to store in the dry. Moisture is not good for files and documents, clothing, upholstered furniture, woods or even tires and metals. Therefore, you can count on the dryness in our storage rooms.
  2. Cleanliness: Even soiling is not good for your belongings. Therefore, you will always receive your new storage room from us cleanly presented. Cleanliness is essential for the time of storage, to avoid consequential damage and to keep away vermin.
  3. Safety: A significant factor for many of our customers is safe storage. Of course, you expect that things will not be lost. We offer the right conditions. Your storage room is lockable, the corridors are video-monitored, and our buildings are alarm-protected.
  4. Shelf installation: As a convenient additional service, we also offer you the convenient shelf installation for your storage room. Even before you equip your storeroom, we build the right shelves for you. They then settle comfortably "in the made nest".

Many great service benefits at our locations

In addition to these important and, with our customers, very popular advantages right in every storage unit, there are many other amenities that we offer at our local locations. We know how to make private storage convenient for storage. We have many years of experience and gradually developed new ideas that make self-storage more beautiful and more comfortable.

  • Good transport connections: With locations spread over the whole map of Germany, we are one of the largest providers of rental warehouses in the Federal Republic. The accessibility of our branches is also very big. So that you always reach us well, we have chosen specific locations that are located at traffic junctions and/or major arterial roads. So you arrive well with us, but at the same time from the store are also quickly back in all directions. At many of our warehouses, we have also set up drive-in areas so you can always load and unload in the dry.
  • We lend you the trolley at availability for free! For the trip to us, you can use a van from our fleet on the day of your move. 30 km are included, and you save not only about 100 euros, but also the organizational aspects of the car rental.
  • Free transportation aids: If you rent a storage room privately or commercially, you can also use our free transport aids at the location. For order picking and storage, we provide you with pallet trucks and handcarts that you can use at any time.
  • Buy cheap moving materials: If you need something to pack your goods and store them safely, you will get it in our move shops. These can be found at each of our locations. There you can purchase useful things like moving boxes, tapes and dispensers or blankets, and foils at wholesale price.

Better than garages and basements

Free transporter on site 

Some even think of additional storage space and storage space like first to the basement or garage. Sure, these possibilities are apparent, because they are right next to the house. But here are not the good conditions like in a self-storage space, which we have outlined above. There may be strong temperature changes, as well as moisture or permanent, direct sunlight. All these are not good influences on your stored goods.

Store in the garages is even largely prohibited

Also, there is the problem, especially with garages, that they can only be used to a minimal extent as warehouses. By law, the garage is only for motor vehicles and everything that has to do directly with it, so tires, cooling water or care products, suitable. Everything else, such as furniture, clothing, files or the wine storage, may not be stored there. If you use your garage as a general warehouse, this can be a regulatory offense.

For what reason to rent storage space?

Rent storage space privately 

If all sounds good to you, think about renting a storeroom. We can help you in a number of situations with additional space, for example, if you have to store furniture. But we know even more examples of why people rent private storage space, maybe you can find yourself in the following list:

  • Finding a new apartment takes longer than planned
  • Apartment not ready
  • Rented storeroom on separation or contracting
  • Storage of
  • Tire
  • Christmas decorations
  • Files or books
  • Wine
  • Bicycles
  • Winter sports equipment
  • Gardening tools
  • Clothing
  • Inventories
  • Household
  • Seasonal needs

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