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Personal Storage Space for Rent – Secure storage for furniture and household effects

Safe My Storage Now

I need storage space

There are many reasons for moving, whether it’s a job in a different city or moving closer to your workplace or your friends. Have you already cancelled your lease and were too optimistic about finding a new place? Are you wondering what to do with your furniture, while you’re looking?

In any of these cases, LAGERBOX offers you individual and swift solutions: secure and dry storage opportunities for your furniture and household effects. Renting a storage unit is easy and convenient and the registration process is completed in no time. We even provide you with a FREE transport van for when you move in.

My apartment isn’t ready

Renovation, redecoration or building a new house can get in the way of moving into a new place on time. This can be aggravating. However, you have to find a quick solution for storing all your personal effects.

With LAGERBOX, your furniture isn’t left out in the rain, but in a dry, clean and secure storage unit, which you can rent according to your needs and instantly move into.

Replace your (wet) cellar

Many cellars are leaky and a heavy rainfall can you leave you knee-deep in water. Moreover, many cellars are way too small, if your apartment comes with a cellar at all. Replace your wet or missing cellar by renting a dry and spacious storage unit at one of our 15 LAGERBOX self-storage locations.

Whenever you need something from our storage unit, our customer-friendly access times give you the flexibility you need. Most of our locations provide access 365 days a year between 6am and 11pm.

Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce are very difficult situations. Moving out of a shared apartment is usually the first step to spending as little time as possible with an ex-partner. The housing market doesn’t always offer good opportunities for quickly finding a new place. What to do with furniture when a new place is still a long way away?

We offer great opportunities for instantly renting storage space for your household effects. While you stay with friends, your furniture stays in an individual air-conditioned storage box, which may be accessed by no one but yourself.

Going Abroad and Emigrating

More and more people nowadays follow their dream of spending a semester abroad or working in a foreign country. This often involves cancelling a lease and selling one’s furniture and holding on to the bare necessities of life, which seldom accompany you on your journey.

Storing all these things with family and friends is often difficult. A hassle-free alternative is renting temporary storage at LAGERBOX. Our storage units can be rented for a minimum of 1 week or up to many years. Renting agreements can be flexibly renewed tailored to our customers’ wishes.

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Storage

Many people spend their summers in a garden house, enjoying barbecues and long walks in the sun. When autumn comes, it is time to say goodbye to the beloved summer refuge, which often contain all the household effects of a normal apartment. Since visits to the summer house are rare are during the autumn and winter months, these areas are very popular with burglars.

A safer solution is to rent storage space with us during the winter season. LAGERBOX offers individual security concepts to ensure your belongings are completely safe. We also offer insurance with excellent coverage. This way you can spend the winter in your main apartment without worrying.

Merging two households

Merging two households

It is not easy finding a new partner, who shares one’s vision of a shared future. If you are lucky enough to find such a person, it is only a matter of time until you move in together. Once a suitable apartment is found that both partners agree with, it’s time to pack up and think about which furniture, appliances and accessories to take to the new flat.

These issues usually lead to long debates before a mutual decision is made. What is kept and what is thrown away before moving into a new flat. Many of these things can be stored in one of our flexible and convenient storage spaces, which you can move into instantly and access at any given time.

Store Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers

The Germans are buying more and more stuff and love to stockpile their treasures in their own four walls. But what to do if one’s partner has had enough or the available space has simply depleted? The solution is simple. Rent a storage unit at LAGERBOX – starting at 1m³. Transporting your belongings to your storage box is easy using our trolleys and lifting carts through wide and well-lit corridors.

Should you be desperate to access your beloved belongings, our convenient access times give you ample opportunities for spontaneous visits before or after work.



There are many other reasons why renting extra storage space is a good idea. There are joyful reasons such as a new-born child. Instead of moving into a bigger apartment, you might have decided to stay in your old one and to create new space instead. Naturally, there are also unfortunate reasons why storage space is required such as a close relative moving into a home or a family member passing way.

In both cases, the flats have to be decluttered and cleared out. Of course, you won’t want to throw away many of the items you inherited, be it for sentimental or other reasons, but the space in your home might be scarce. That’s why we provide you with the opportunity to rent storage space for the short or the long term. Our customers will benefit from our generous cancellation periods. You only pay for your storage unit as long as you really need it.