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Store your merchandise - we are your best option!

At LAGERBOX your goods are in good hands. We offer you a safe, dry storage unit that you can access on a daily basis. We can also accept delivery on your behalf upon you on request.

If you are dealing with trading goods, you know that it can quickly lead to a lack of space, depending on how many trading products you handle. Flexibility, safety, and simplicity are often in demand here - exactly what we offer you! You want to accommodate your merchandise a storeroom adequately and safely? Then it is worthwhile for you to rent a warehouse, namely at LAGERBOX. In the following, we explain what is important when you want to store goods for sale and with which great ideas we can help you with this project in a cost-effective, flexible and short-term way.

These options are available for storing merchandise  

Storing merchandise

Depending on the type and quantity of goods, there are many possibilities for the storage of merchandise. If you do not want to rent a whole hall as a warehouse, but also space is sufficient, where you can store your goods, you are well advised with LAGERBOX! Instead of a massive warehouse in the three- or four-digit square meter range you also have a smaller storeroom that you can use flexible and easily? We fulfill this widespread customer request!

Storeroom full of advantages - this is how retail warehousing goes with us:

  1. Storerooms between 1 m³ and 30 m²
  2. Fast booking possible
  3. Storage space individually scalable
  4. Short notice periods
  5. Security through video surveillance
  6. Dry, air-conditioned premises
  7. Convenient access at any time by car or truck
  8. Free van on the day of your move
  9. Goods acceptance by our employees
  10. Drive-in-area, so you always load in and out of the dry
  11. You will be informed by us when receiving goods by e-mail, so you do not have to be permanently on site
Did you know? Another advantage: You can also rent storage spaces throughout Germany for your sales representatives. So you have a contact person, a joint bill and the administrative effort is kept as low as possible for you!

LAGERBOX unit calculator: calculate the size of the storeroom

Determine size for storeroom

To determine the size of your rental storeroom, LAGERBOX has three options: You can visit us on site, get advice over the phone or use our room calculator for retail storeroom online. After all, size is a key factor in the storage of your merchandise and also plays an important role in costs. Many overestimate the required size of the storeroom, but you do not have to appreciate it here. We help you personally or with our unit computer.

Good for you: At LAGERBOX you can flexibly rebook at any time! You can rent as much storeroom as you need, and always book additional storage space if necessary!

What should be considered when storing the goods?

Storage of goods

Instead of a large storeroom, we offer you great flexibility, which is certainly one of the most important aspects when it comes to the storage of goods. Storage space may be needed overnight, but at the same time, you must always have access to your stored products at all times, even on weekends. But you also want your goods safely stored and protected against theft, weather, moisture, dirt, and animals. Exactly what is important for a good warehouse and that is what the storerooms at LAGERBOX offer!

Rent storerooms at the right location

Of course, the factor location is also attractive. Depending on how much space you need and how often you need to access the storeroom, you should rent a storeroom that has excellent transport links. Also, it should be near you and have a suitable infrastructure. After all, how does it feel if you are stuck in traffic jams on your way to your container storeroom in a city center or if you can not park your delivery van anywhere? At LAGERBOX you can enjoy storage space in a central location, with excellent transport links and ample parking space.

How do I find the right warehouse for my goods?

the right storeroom

But how do you find such an optimal storeroom? If you want to start looking for a place to store your merchandise right now, you have all the options right here on We maintain many locations in Germany and can certainly offer you suitable storage space for your merchandise in your area. If not, you may find what you are looking for in our diversified partner network.

What you should bring to rent the storeroom:


  • ID card or passport including registration
  • Bank details
  • The first rent and the deposit can be paid in cash, by debit or credit card


  • Commercial register extract or trade license
  • ID card
  • Bank details








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