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renting storage units while living abroad

To store for the stay abroad in Self-storage

If you say goodbye to Germany and your furnishings with you, you do not have to dispose of furniture, kitchen, and Co. immediately. LAGERBOX stays in Germany and is happy to take care of your household while you are away.

If you want to accommodate your household or individual objects in the self-storage for your stay abroad, we introduce you to our versatile storage units. With us, you can clear entire home or even individual pieces of furniture, thus freeing up your own four walls exactly in the frame that is best for the duration of your absence. While you're away and maybe your apartment is being rented out, all your belongings are in good hands at the self-storage unit. How easy it is, how you can benefit from favorable long-term tariffs at LAGERBOX and which comfort advantages we offer you, you will find here.

When staying abroad find a self-storage quickly

When staying abroad find a self-storage quickly

We are a Germany-wide provider of inexpensive storage space in your area. If it takes you beyond the German borders, you can fall back on our low-cost range of storage for your household and quickly "move in" in one of our self-storage facilities.

We understand that it is not always possible to rent out one's own apartment to keep the costs going on while staying abroad.

Self-storage even with intermediate rent

Many people like to resort to the instrument of interim rent on such an occasion. In doing so, your own apartments will be made available to other people for a limited period and for the full benefit of you. But do you really want the strangers to sleep in your bed, use your couch and your dishes? Many say no here and if you are one of them, say yes to a storeroom in self-storage. At LAGERBOX your furniture, kitchen utensils and everything else is in good hands - and behind well-closed doors that only you can open.

Say yes to storage space at LAGERBOX

Self-storage offers high flexibility in the rental period

In doing so, you and your stay abroad decide how long you will take advantage of our self-storage offer. Of course, it may be that the trip around the world may take a month longer or it may not stay for a single semester abroad. Here we are quite flexible: If you need your storage space in self-storage shorter than planned or you want to stay longer with us, this is always possible with us. Please let us know by e-mail if you would like to move out sooner. If you need your personal storage space for longer, you can also let us know.

The longer you rent, the lower the self-storage cost

For a semester abroad, we offer a 10% student discount

By the way, especially during your stay abroad, self-storage has a favorable aspect for you: We honor longer stays - the longer you stay, the lower the storage space rental will be for you. For example, if you stay abroad at a university for two instead of one semester, your prices may not remain the same. Talk to us about the possible benefits for long-term contracts with LAGERBOX!

Attention, students: For your semester abroad, we offer you a 10% student discount!

For stays abroad self-storage or ...

How attractive the storage unit is for you during your stay abroad may also be illustrated by the alternatives you have for your absence abroad:

  • As a tenant - if you do not rent your apartment between - you would have to send someone over, who regularly checks on it, so sometimes ventilates or brings the mail from the mailbox. If you choose self-storage during your absence, you do not have to bother friends or family with the regular home visits.
  • If you decide to rent a property as a tenant or owner, this may not be easy for you. Many shy away from this variant because then the little-known renter lives in your household, maybe something indiscreetly looks everywhere or possibly damage things - then how are you insured?

Legal aspects of the intermediate rent

So these are not quite 100% perfect scenarios. Also, there are also legal things that are to be considered in advance in the average rent. A sublease, as it can be carried out when staying abroad, requires the consent of the landlord. If you as a tenant have a "legitimate interest" in a sublease, an agreement may be mandatory for the landlord. Under no circumstances, you should sublet the apartment without his knowledge. Also, if your lodger fails to pay the rent, the landlord has a lien on things in your household such as electronics, carpets, jewelry or pictures.

LAGERBOX offers students many advantages

Therefore, better self-storage when to stay abroad

If you choose self-storage with us during your stay abroad, such scenarios simply dissolve into pleasure. Because at LAGERBOX nobody has to look in the storeroom for your belongings, there, nobody will have access to your household goods except you  - with us everything is safe, and you are legally on the safe side.

Your biggest advantages with LAGERBOX

In addition to the already mentioned advantages of the flexible booking of our storage rooms, you can enjoy a lot of additional benefits that can make the interim storage a pleasure!

  • 24h security guarantee: Our buildings are alarm-protected, our corridors are video-monitored. Only you have a key to your storage space, so you alone decide who has access to it.
  • >> Tip: As a small extra you conclude additional insurance with us. Without any bureaucratic hurdles, simply with additional insurance.
  • Perfect storage conditions: In our storage rooms there is always the optimum climate for stored goods. Our storage rooms are dry, cool and continuously tempered. So you store everything right, from the tire set on furniture to clothing and shoes.
  • Freely selectable room sizes: An essential question next to how long you want to rent storage space is the size of the storage room. We can help you determine the required storage space, by telephone, on-site or by using our practical room calculator.
  • LAGERBOX is easily accessible: Whenever you need to be in your storage room, you will also be able to do so during our opening hours within a generous time window. Besides, we offer you a good infrastructural connection without finding a parking space or the like. In our Drive-in-Area, you not only load and unload well thought out but also roofed over.








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