Storage containers in Frankfurt

Storage containers in Frankfurt

Storage containers in Frankfurt: your solution for secure and flexible storage

Are you looking for a secure and flexible solution for your storage needs close to where you live? We recommend renting one of our storage containers in Frankfurt. Whether you are looking for temporary or long-term storage, they are great for private households and businesses alike. Our storage containers in Frankfurt will tick all the boxes on your self-storage list.

Definition: What is self-storage?

Before we take a deep dive into the world of storage containers in Frankfurt, let’s take a quick look at what self-storage actually means. The concept of self-storage enables you to safely and securely store any personal items or business equipment in a professional, rented storage unit. In this case, we are talking about a storage container in Frankfurt. These storage units are available in a range of different sizes and offer flexibility regarding the time and space you need.

LAGERBOX: the best storage containers in Frankfurt

There are many providers of storage containers in Frankfurt, but none quite like us. If you are looking for highest quality and security, LAGERBOX is your best choice. Our storage containers in Frankfurt are modern and well-maintained, and provide you with the perfect place for the safe storage of your possessions.

Lagercontainer in Frankfurt

Storage containers in Frankfurt: both for private and business customers

Our storage containers in Frankfurt are available to both private and business customers. Are you looking for a place to store your personal belongings during a move? Are you moving in together, breaking up, or going abroad? Or are you looking for additional storage space for your business to archive documents or store your inventory? In both cases, the ideal solution is to rent a storage container with us in Frankfurt.

Your storage container in Frankfurt: all-around security

We are sure you will enjoy the complete peace of mind we offer. Security is our top priority. Our premises are fully fenced and illuminated, ensuring that you can feel safe at any time of the day and night. Access to your storage container in Frankfurt is, of course, restricted to you or persons authorised by you, which adds another important layer of security over your personal possessions.

Professional storage must ensure dryness

Another key feature of our storage containers in Frankfurt is constant dryness. This might sound like a small detail, but dampness can cause considerable damage to your personal possessions – especially things like textiles, artworks, and documents. At LAGERBOX in Frankfurt, you can be sure that your storage container is dry and well-ventilated at all times.

Gewerblicher Lagercontainer mit Kartons

What other storage opportunities are there?

Aren’t other storage opportunities much cheaper and more convenient? Cellars, garages and attics, for example? Indeed, these are typically closer to your home and more readily available. They are, however, associated with considerable disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of other storage types?

Cellars are often damp and hard to access. For storing valuable items, garages are usually not secure enough. Additionally, using a garage for storage anything other than car-related items is illegal in Germany. Attics can get very hot and are badly ventilated. The disadvantages of these storage opportunities make them less than ideal storage solutions, don’t you think?

Storage containers in Frankfurt – that’s why you need one

Here’s some more purchasing advice: When’s the best time to book a storage container in Frankfurt? One is when you’re about to move and temporarily need additional storage space. Or when you’re moving in with your partner and your new place doesn’t have enough space for all the surplus household items. Breaking up with your partner can also result in the need for a place to store your personal belongings. If you’re travelling abroad or dissolving a company, a storage container in Frankfurt can also be a good temporary solution.

Lagercontainer mit Kartons

What can I store in a professional storage unit?

Whenever you need us, you will be impressed by the versatility of our storage containers in Frankfurt. You can store almost anything in a professional storage unit from furniture to electronic devices and from clothing to sports equipment. Business customers, too, can use LAGERBOX to store their archives, business documents, or merchandise.

Flexible rents: as much space as you need whenever you need it

A great advantage of our storage containers in Frankfurt is flexibility. You can rent a storage unit whenever you need it and whenever you need it. When you stop needing it, cancelling is easy due to our short notice periods. Moreover, we offer storage containers in various shapes and sizes, enabling you to rent exactly the space you need for your current storage needs.

Perfekt storage unit thanks to our online size estimator

To make sure you get just the right storage container to meet your needs, we recommend using our online size calculator. With this convenient tool, you can estimate the perfect size for your storage container in Frankfurt. Afterwards, simply book a unit and complete the booking process online.

Services related to your storage container in Frankfurt

We at LAGERBOX offer more than high-quality storage containers in Frankfurt. You also have access to a range of additional services. Why don’t you come to meet us or give us a call and learn more about our special offers, including man and van services, packing supplies, and insurance options?

Rent a storage container in Frankfurt today

All in all, our storage containers in Frankfurt are an ideal solution for many storage needs, whether for private or business customers. We at LAGERBOX offer secure and dry storage units that are tailored to your needs. Use our online size calculator to determine the ideal storage container for your needs and discover the many additional services centred around your new storage container in Frankfurt.









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