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Temporary Vehicle Storage for Rent

Safe My Storage Now

lagerbox_stellplaetzeVandalism and auto theft are on the rise – do you want to go on holiday without worrying?   You don’t want your car to stand on the street unsecured, while you’re away? Leave it to us. Your car will be safe on our fenced, well-lit vehicle storage area. Or are you a proud owner of a vintage car and don’t want your four-wheeled treasure to sit on a public parking space?   We offer vehicle storage for convertibles, motorbikes, boats, caravans or mobile homes with a seasonal license plate, which can’t be parked in a public space during off-season.

LAGERBOX offers storage for vehicles of all sizes at many of our locations (Berlin-HohenschönhausenDortmundKöln-Ossendorf, Köln-Poll, LeverkusenMannheim und Stuttgart).


Lorries, busses or commercial trucks: LAGERBOX has a parking space for any need.   All our vehicle storage parking is located on a well-lit and fenced area. You are completely flexible: starting at a minimum renting period of one month, you only pay for the time you actually need.


Schedule your car service appointment during off-season. Your mechanic may fetch off-season cars using a designated ‘red’ license plate.