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Our company has existed since 1997, making it a pioneer of self-storage in Germany. We brought the successful concept from the USA and the Netherlands to Germany and made it a success here. In other words, when we talk about LAGERBOX history, we also talk about the history of self-storage in Germany at the same time. The milestones of this success story are described below:

Warehouse in Düsseldorf-Heerdt

1997 - 1999: LAGERBOX starts as the first self-storage provider in Germany and at that time under the name Bernheim's mini-warehouse with its first warehouse in Düsseldorf-Heerdt. Shortly after that, the second branch opened in Dusseldorf. Another in Frankfurt followed soon also under the name "Access".

2001: With Peter N. Blauw as the new managing director, a lot of fresh wind comes into the company. The foundation was laid for the nationwide development of the business, and a change of name to the current name LAGERBOX "was made. However, the name LAGERBOX should not just be our company name: Similar to "Tempo" for paper handkerchiefs or "Tesafilm" for adhesive strips, LAGERBOX should become the epitome of self-storage in Germany.

A new identity, self-storage completely redefined

Brand identity LAGERBOX

We developed a new brand identity with the slogan "LAGERBOX - safe, clean, dry" and expanded the service offering at our locations with additional services. In addition to the storage unit, we expanded our range of moving materials. Customers could now also get practical things for moving and transport at our locations, such as moving boxes, bubble wrap or blankets. We also provided free transportation aids such as pallet trucks, sack trucks or furniture scooters at our self-storage houses.

2002 - 2003: The targeted expansion of the branches strengthens our positions in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. We also introduce practical file storage for companies.

service-oriented self-storage definition

2005: We continue to work on giving the concept Selfstorage our very own touch. As a pioneer in Germany, we shape the business sustainably with our customer-oriented, service-oriented definition of Self-storage. This also means expanding the basic concept further with popular extra services: We introduce mailboxes and now also offer the rental of office space. Both commercial and private customers use LAGERBOX with enthusiasm. Everyone appreciates the good, safe and dry alternatives to cbasement and garages.

LAGERBOX Köln-Ossendorf

2006: By acquiring the former Devon locations in Berlin and Cologne-Ossendorf, we set new milestones.

2007: Peter N. Blauw takes over all shares in the former LAGERBOX Holding GmbH & Co. KG and continues to drive the expansion.

LAGERBOX on growth course

2008: In October our second Cologne branch opens in the district Poll.

2009: The development of LAGERBOX continues in quick succession: branches in Leverkusen and Stuttgart follow (we were also pioneers in the region).

In the meantime, LAGERBOX is creating a novelty in Berlin, where our second location is moving on floors three and five of a former "Hertie" department store. Thanks to the company of many other well-known retail chains, we are particularly close to our customers.


2010 - 2012: How well the success concept works nationwide, shows the enormous increase in demand for storage space everywhere. Consequently, we are expanding and gradually enlarging all our branches or even reopening after a complete conversion. An additional location in Essen is also added.

And LAGERBOX is breaking new ground: we are also bringing our successful concept in other countrys. 

2012:  And also in the homeland it continues with a new LAGERBOX representation in Leipzig.

2013: Growth is progressing very well, not least because more and more companies are increasingly using the possibilities of flexible self-storage for themselves.

The branch Dusseldorf 2 moved to a newer, larger building, which is now much more central.

2014: East Germany is further developed, as we open our first branch in Chemnitz. In the Ruhr area, we take over a location in Dortmund - our 13th branch already. Shortly after that, at the end of 2014, we open the first self-store office in Krefeld in a shopping center in Krefeld.


2014: Especially the location Dortmund stands for a further step in service around self-storage. Because at our Dortmund location, customers can not only store but also use first-class parking spaces for their motor vehicles. Also, the site adds the aspect of the drive-in area, which allows a covered loading and unloading, partly directly at the storage box.

Self-storage is becoming increasingly popular in Germany

2015: The self-storage boom is not decreasing, on the contrary: Expansion of the branch in Cologne-Ossendorf by 90 new storage rooms. Extension of the almost fully occupied Berlin Hohenschönhausen site by 325 new storage units between 1 m3 and 25 m2. Further extensions are in planning.

Lagerbox receives two more excellently located locations in Berlin and Dresden.

2016: In Mannheim LAGERBOX takes over a branch of the competitor Mein Lager24 as well as three further locations in Hanover from Shurgard. Also, our company secures a plot of land in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

2017: LAGERBOX celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Our growth continues in Dortmund, where LAGERBOX buys a new property, a second location will be built here.

We also acquire a plot of land in Bielefeld and one in Cologne for a third location.


2018: The location in Dresden was completed in August 2018. At this time, LAGERBOX held 20 sites throughout Germany. From November 2018 LAGERBOX will take over the company Styff Self-storage in Münster. The branch in Berlin-Spandau will open in December 2018.

With the projects still to be realized in Berlin-Spandau, Berlin-Alt-Friedrichsfelde, Berlin-Treptow / Köpenick, Cologne, Wuppertal, Bielefeld and Dortmund, the number in the indirect future will increase to a total of 27 locations.

2019: Our location in Berlin Spandau is opened. Also we have 3 locations in Berlin. The area is directly at the train station Haselhorst. In Berlin Spandau we have 5th floors and 1050 storage rooms. 

The second self storage location in Dresden is opened. Our self storage rooms are in the middle of the shopping center with name Alte Mälzerei. 

2020: Already we will open 5 new LAGERBOX location in this year. We started with Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn. In Leverkusen we build new self storage rooms. On a area of 850 qm we build 181 storage rooms. On both locations in Dresden we also build new storage rooms. 


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