Exhibition at LAGERBOX

Exhibition at LAGERBOX

Exhibition at LAGERBOX

Are you someone who thinks outside the box? It’s time to go inside the box – at LAGERBOX! Stage your exhibition at one of our storage facilities, use them for a photo shoot, or invite the guests of your next vernissage to a storage unit! Show off your innovative and progressive spirit by going down a new path – the one that leads directly to LAGERBOX. Read on to find out why that could be the right thing for you.



What does LAGERBOX “normally” do?

Our key services are aimed at people who are looking to rent temporary storage space. This is ideal when you’re moving house, but haven’t found a new flat yet, when you’re putting together two households, when you’re planning to go abroad, and more. Our storage units are available at affordable rates, flexible times, and in a range of sizes. We guarantee they are dry, clean, and secure at all times.


Your exhibits are in a safe place

The security aspect is important when you’re planning an exhibition. With us, your exhibits, including paintings, photography, or objects made of textiles, metal, or wood, and your technical equipment are in safe hands. We aim to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your stored goods, so you can fully focus on your creativity. Your LAGERBOX storage unit can only be accessed by you and is located on well-lit premises equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance.


Book an exhibition at LAGERBOX – be remembered

Austellung-bei-LagerboxOn the one hand, we offer these important security and safety aspects. On the other hand, these aspects are underpinned by a certain flair that comes with using a storage container for staging an exhibition. You are part of a progressive and forward-thinking industry that thrives on innovation. Your brand and your business are made up of ideas and they can be ideally combined with our concept. We invite you to host your exhibition at our facilities and be remembered.


Try a different kind of vernissage – try a container

Thanks to a central location in your city, our storage facilities are easy to get to either by car or by public transportation. The buildings have a no-frills exterior and exude a modern simplicity where form follows function. Only very few of your visitors will have experienced this first-hand before.


This is how you turn a storage container into a gallery

Ausstellung-LagerboxYou will get access to either an empty LAGERBOX unit or a designated part of our storage facility premises, enabling you to put on display only what is really important. Full focus on your exhibits. You are free to choose between the many different sizes of our storage containers, ranging from small to very large. Renting several is also possible. We offer flexible, short-term leases: This is something many LAGERBOX customers are profiting from every day and so will you.


Start your exhibition in a storage container today

Contact us now if you want to hit the ground running and secure a special location for your next exhibition. Simply talk to our staff about your plans and you will instantly receive a response and an overview of what is possible at the next LAGERBOX facility near you.

We are looking forward to your request!










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