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Insure your personal or business goods

Safe My Storage Now

LAGERBOX is dedicated to protect you against any damage if worst comes to worst. Nothing is worse than to be left out in the rain   If you don’t already have insurance of your own, which covers possible damage to your stored goods, we provide affordable insurance. The minimum insurance coverage is 2,500 euro at a cost of only 4 euro per month. Depending on the full value of your stored goods, we offer various levels of coverage. Do you have insurance covering your stored goods? Please make sure you provide proof of coverage when signing the contract with LAGERBOX or no later than 1 week after. In this case, the obligation to take out insurance with LAGERBOX is obsolete.   Your insurance premiums are calculated per rent period. This is simple and convenient.

you pay it monthly – it is cheap and uncomplicated

Insurance Summary

For information on the full insurance coverage, please view the full-length document, which you can download here.

Great service

We take care of the entire insurance process in cooperation with our partner. The total insurance cover will be stipulated in the contract for your storage unit for full transparency. We will not leave you out in the rain.