Starting a family


It’s the life goal of many people: To have a home, a family, and a pet.

In addition to these goals, people now often desire to have a successful career too. The result is that many feel they have to strike a balance between a family and a career.

On the one hand, even if you opt for starting a family, the times when one partner could generate the entire household income are over. Rising prices for energy, food, and rent make it harder to provide for a family. On the other hand, if both partners pursue a career, it is difficult to balance jobs and family in terms of time.

Family and career – wishful thinking or reality?

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, many companies didn’t have any other choice but to send their employees home and have them work from there to the extent possible.

While many companies were critical of this in the beginning, it has since become standard practice and, for many office jobs, an indispensable benefit that employees expect. In terms of time, many of the work-from-home schemes at companies have made it easier to strike a better balance between family and career, at least in terms of time.

After all, when you’re working from home, it is easier to keep an eye on the kids. When you finish work, you can spend more time with your family instead of commuting and being bogged down by rush-hour traffic.

Commuters lose a good amount of their free time due to their way to work. It seems as though working from home is a solution towards a better balance between family and career. If it weren’t for the current housing situation in many large cities.

High rents, little space, no flats

Over the past few years, the housing situation in cities has worsened more and more. This is not only due to high rents but also a more universal urbanisation effect. More and more people, especially young people, want to live in large cities. This is a worldwide trend.

Cities are where it’s all happening, supermarkets are open until 11pm, and a good infrastructure makes sure important places are easy to get to. In rural areas, however, life is very different. Most shops close by 7pm, even many supermarkets only open until 9pm, and one doesn’t meet many people when going for a walk. In many rural areas, a good infrastructure is hard to find.

Most people who live in the country own a car. Train stations are scarce and buses run rarely. Naturally, there are far more career opportunities in cities than in rural areas, simply because there are more businesses and people. And so it is understandable that many young people envision their future in cities rather than rural areas.

However, this development has resulted in exploding rents and wreaked havoc on the housing market. There is less and less housing available in cities. This is felt even in surrounding areas and villages, where rents are also becoming prohibitively expensive and available flats become scarce. Nowadays, young couples in German cities have a hard time finding a three-room apartment if they can even afford one.

Since many of these people now work from home at least to some extent, they typically use an available third room to set up an office there. Often, the room used for this purpose is the room actually reserved for any planned additions to the family. The question is: How do you create space if you do have kids but can’t give up your office space for work reasons? Or you can’t find a bigger flat?

Self-storage – temporary storage opportunities

As a self-storage company, our mission is to provide you with more space. Not only is there a global urbanisation trend, but many flats also don’t have a traditional cellar or storage space and thus don’t offer a practical way to declutter your household and store your household belongings.

Even if flats do have cellars, they are often damp and are far from ideal as a storage space for, say, office furniture or other such items. A LAGERBOX storage unit is advisable if you need to store belongings like office furniture for an unspecified amount of time.

Our rental periods are very flexible. The size of your storage box can be adjusted in both directions. If you notice that the storage unit you originally selected is too small or too large, you can change the size anytime you want.

That way, you can be sure you have the perfect storage unit to fit all your household belongings and you have a place to put them until you find a larger flat.

What benefits does LAGERBOX offer?

We have already pointed out some of the key benefits, including flexible rental periods, short notice periods, and the option to adjust the size of your LAGERBOX flexibly without changing the rental agreement.

But these are but three of a range of benefits that you can enjoy at one of our now 29 locations. All our facilities are equipped with video surveillance and are only accessible using an individual access code or chip.

Moreover, every storage unit is secured with a padlock that can only be opened by the tenant. The security of your belongings is guaranteed – and many different sums insured add an extra layer of security. In addition, each location is roofed.

This means we do not offer any outdoor storage options, but indoor storage increases the safety of your stored goods because they are not in any way exposed to the weather.

Lastly, even at very short notice, you can rent a LAGERBOX storage unit from the comfort of your own home. This is handy because, if there is an emergency, you can put things into storage the same day. You can use our online size calculator to conveniently determine the size that is best for you.

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