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Extensive green roofs at LAGERBOX in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn

Extensive green roofs

Our location in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn only opened in 2020, but we already have news regarding the building on Alt-Friedrichsfelde 62. Visitors can now admire our extensive green roof.

Although the name might suggest otherwise, extensive green roofs are not necessarily green. Since LAGERBOX is a big fan of diversity in every way, we made our roof in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn radiate in bright colours. Although we only opened it last year, the plants grew substantially thanks to a lot of rain and sun.

But what are the advantages of an extensive green roof? First of all, there’s the ecological aspect, of course. It contributes to increasing climate quality, because instead of not using the roof at all, it is filled with low-growing plants like mosses, succulents, herbs, and grasses instead. They tend to look like an unused area, however, and, for this reason, don’t look artificial at all. Low maintenance is a second factor The types of plants that are used can develop with little or no care at all. They are virtually self-sufficient. To shed light on the third and last point, it’s worth looking at the alternatives. Many houses now have gravel to protect it surfaces. This is, however, not particularly environmentally friendly and requires high maintenance. Extensive green roof work with on every building, so you may want to consider it on your private home, too. It is most definitely a great alternative to gravel.

Close to the zoo, directly on the federal highway B1, and located amidst several residential areas, our site in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn is easily accessible for all our customers. Whether you use vehicles of all shapes and sizes, or even public transportation, you will get to the LAGERBOX gates in no time. With 1,000 storage units across six stories, we have a suitable box whatever your need may be. Switching to a smaller or larger box is possible any time and is completely hassle-free.

Naturally, this site also conforms with our security standards: Your goods are always insured, access is coded, and the entire building is secured with an alarm system and video surveillance. Our special service is a free-of-charge transport van for moving in. Transport aids are also available to you at no additional charge. You can access your belongings around the clock on 365 days a year. Business customers can also use our goods receiving service.

In short: Why don’t you come and visit us in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn. Our friendly staff will tend to your every need.