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LAGERBOX included in ranking of best self-storage centres

Self-storage centres

Not having enough space is a problem for many. In large cities, especially, opportunities for storing one’s belongings are limited. For this reason, self-storage facilities offer great opportunities for additional storage. There are many providers in this line of business, which is originally from America and very common there. One of these providers is LAGERBOX.

A recent comparison of the services at all self-storage companies have produced some interesting insights. Typically, lettable storage units are available in various sizes that can be booked based on individual needs. A study of the German Institute for Service Quality has now found: With most providers, the average price per square metres is higher for smaller units than for larger units.

The prices per square metre tend to differ greatly, often times within some chains. These are often location-related. At LAGERBOX in Berlin, a 5-sqm storage unit costs about 94 euros per month. In other cities, including Frankfurt am Main, for example, the average price is significantly higher.

While feedback on services tends to also vary, it is definitely trending in a positive direction. The 2022 study on self-storage centres shows that on-site staff is frequently described as very communicative, competent, and open. They are often able to help right there and then. The statistics for telephone support are also quite impressive. Some companies need to work on their e-mail support, however.

Markus Hamer, director of the German Institute for Service Quality, recommends: “It is best to compare several self-storage centres within the desired radius – both in terms of rates as well as terms and conditions. However, customers do not always have a free choice. At some facilities, many of the available storage units are already fully booked.”

In total, LAGERBOX received a “Good” rating. Particular praise was given to its online service, especially for the wealth of available information and ease of use – LAGERBOX has clearly catapulted itself to the top, ahead of the competition, especially regarding its online presence. The size calculator for storage units was also mentioned positively. On the sites and on the telephone, staff takes a lot of time to help customers and answer all their questions. A minimum rental period of one week was seen as particularly positive. Thanks to this, renting a storage unit for a brief period is not a problem.

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