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Self Storage: Prices for a storage unit

Storage units of different sizes. Temporal flexibility. Safety, dryness, and cleanliness. In addition still friendly staff on site. Mailboxes, goods receiving, transportation aids and moving materials - what would that cost? Less than you think!

Everything has its price - of course, it is the self-storage. But you benefit from our great flexibility, both regarding the price of your storage space, as well as the rental period and storage unit sizes. Of course, the latter is very fundamental in determining the cost of a self-storage storeroom. If you rent a storage space from us, you will have an overview of the self-storage price and also be in control of it.

Your need has its price

Self-storage does not have to be expensive

Because with us you only rent as much storage space as you need. It means that you only pay as much as you have to pay for your perfectly dimensioned storage space. LAGERBOX tells you how many square meters you get for your Euro. We show you our popular and versatile discount models, which you can expect from us at every location. And we present you our practical unit calculator. It is the basis for your on-the-spot self-storage price.

This is how the self-storage rates are calculated


One of the most common questions people ask about self-storage is what they cost. Understandably, after all, it's best always to get the all-important cost information before you buy or sign something. We want to support you completely. LAGERBOX relies on transparency, and with us, you always know in advance how much your personal self-storage will cost. Basically, the size of the storage unit and the period within which you rent the storage space.

How much can self-storage cost?

In addition to our transparency, we are also known for offering the highest quality self-storage. With us, you are qualitatively far above garages, attics or basements, and that is also good for your stored items. Depending on how much of them you want to store, this results in a correspondingly small or large storage area for you. This value, calculated together with your desired rental period, finally results in a price for self-storage.

Determine perfect storage area with unit calculator


But what should you do if you realize right at the beginning of the booking that you can not exactly estimate the area? It is not a problem at all, or that is a problem that we have always known well and that we can solve for you:

  1. Contact LAGERBOX and let our friendly staff help you. Tell our team what you want to store, and you will get a specific recommendation for a suitable storage area.
  1. Or use our practical and free unit calculator. There you enter what you want to store in which quantity, and the tool that we have specially programmed for this purpose will give you your required storage space.

Use self-storage price info

If you have received this important information, you already have everything to rent a storage space. Now it goes on to the desired location, so practically the virtual branch in which you want to rent your storage space. You can also see how high the self-storage rates are there on every site page. There is also detailed price information, including a regular price (far left) and various discount options (right next to it).

Self-storage - prices and discounts

Depending on the location, even more, location-specific discounts are possible so that you can save big on self-storage.

With LAGERBOX you can rent storage space from just € 0,32 per day. It corresponds to a base price of only € 9,95 per month!

Basically, the prices are not set in stone with us. Discounts are always and also possible at every location. On the one hand, this can be special discounts of the respective area, but this can also be discounts on specific box sizes, or you can achieve lower self-storage rates through a long-term rental.

The most common discount options short and clear:

1. Long-term discounts

2. Time-related graduated discounts

3. Discounts on different box sizes

4. Location-based discounts

Self-storage prices can be conveniently calculated

Thanks to these and other discounts for storage spaces, there is definitely a lot of potential savings for you if you rent a storage unit from us. So that you do not lose track here, there is our practical price calculator. It's just as useful and helpful as our unit calculator, and it's looking for the best self-storage rate you can get based on what you provide.

How to feed the calculator for the optimal storage conditions:

  • Enter the key data for the storeroom rental:
  • Location and size are already selected
  • Important now is the rental period
  • Discounts are included
  • Your result: any discounts by period and subsequent price.
  • Then you can choose whether you pay in advance and thus receive the basic insurance for free.
  • Finally, you will see all the details of your self-storage price in a personal listing and can now reserve your storage space on the terms listed above.

That's why Selfstorage pays off

As you will finally see in your personal overview, self-storage also has its price. But it's worth it because your storage facility is certainly worth it. As a self-storage company, we know that you simply can not put things in a basement or in a garage. Especially if you have delicate stored goods that should not only be stored for a few balmy summer nights, but also safely overwinter, it is crucial that the storage conditions are right. And here self-storage is worth its price.

What's in the self-storage price

What we want to point out at this point is that self-storage is more than just an empty room with no windows. And although the lack of direct sunlight actually makes sense for many stored things, it's about much more.

Invest in the perfect storage conditions:

  • Dryness is a crucial aspect of professional storage. A dry storeroom is highly recommended because most stored goods cannot tolerate moisture or dampness. Since our storage units are reliably dry, foxing, mold or rust are excluded.
  • Humidity and temperatures are kept at a constant level in our storage units to ensure the best climatic conditions for your stored items.
  • Of course, safety should not be missing either. With us, it is guaranteed by 24-hour monitoring. The self-storage units are lockable, the corridors are video-monitored, and the buildings are alarm-protected. Besides, your stored goods are insured with us.

Even more in the self-storage price

As you can see, the storerooms are empty, but we fill the service with loads of extras and comfort for you. With us, you not only pay for the pure storage space rental, but you also enjoy the benefits that you will not find everywhere:

  • Transport aids freely usable on site
  • Locations are well located and easily accessible
  • Storage spaces available daily
  • Moving shop on site
  • Moving tips for a smooth change of location

We are not an impersonal landlord, but enrich the self-storage with great ideas for you. Besides, we offer you a range of extra services that you can claim from us. If necessary, just discuss this with our team:

  • Shelf installation in the storage unit
  • Mailboxes and package reception
  • Acceptance of goods
  • Parking spaces (depending on location)

Therefore, self-storage has its price, but this price has its justification. Invest in a clean, safe and dry warehouse and give your stored items ideal storage conditions. That should be worth your storage.