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Commercial storage for companies

LAGERBOX is there for everyone, both private and commercial customers and companies. The latter enjoy some of the significant advantages in everyday work. Especially in terms of safe and careful storage of their stored goods, but also in terms of accessibility and flexibility, our storage rooms are fantastically suitable for commercial rental. Since we are also a company ourselves, we know what is essential regarding transport and delivery. We support your daily work here with the best conditions at all our locations throughout Germany. If you rent commercial storage space from us, this is advantageous for your business, both on a small and large scale.

That's why self-storage pays off for the industry

Self-storage for the trade

We are a provider of self-storage, a convenient idea when a private customer, for example, has not yet found a home or plans a stay abroad. But there are also enough examples that a self-storage storeroom can also be very rewarding for your company. For instance, if you are a field sales representative, sales representative, or assembly near one of our locations, you can make good use of our service. A Warehouse with us is also worthwhile for you if you want to store your construction machinery or tools in the evening.

Practical for you: LAGERBOX can also take over the goods receipt for you! Plus: For renting at several locations, we can provide billing via an invoice as well as via a contact person. For you so minimal effort!

Simply store safely in the storage space

Everything is safe there. While many construction sites are unsecured or some business customers do not carry a suitable warehouse with them; we provide you with a warehouse. Because our premises are lockable, located in an alarm-protected building and only you have access to your storage space. At the same time, however, the storeroom is freely accessible to you during our opening hours - which means almost around the clock. If you or any of your company's employees want to remove or add something, that's always possible within this time frame.

Perfect storage conditions for companies

Perfect storage conditions for companies

Within the warehouse, you can rely on us for the best storage climate. In our storage spaces, there are no extreme temperature fluctuations, and it is very dry. So it should be for sensitive materials or machines that need such conditions. Even if you store for a long time, you will always receive your items in the state in which you stored them.

Our locations: made for business

Rent commercial storage space today at LAGERBOX

On a larger scale, you can also expect many benefits. We have adjusted ourselves and our storage spaces perfectly to the needs of commercial storage. All of our locations throughout Germany are located at convenient traffic junctions or major roads. The LAGERBOX areas always offer enough space to drive in with large trucks or commercial vehicles. Many of our sites have drive-in areas for dry loading and unloading and are partially barrier-free and/or equipped with elevators.

Transport aids and moving materials

Excellent circumstances, which we supplement in detail with our practical transport aids. Pallet trucks or handcarts are always available on site at LAGERBOX and can be used freely by our customers to transport the stored goods to the storage unit. Besides, you can also purchase [Moving Materials] (705) and also book [shelf setup] (712).

Shelves or mailboxes wanted?

Accepting goods is a practical service of LAGERBOX

On request, we can also set up your storage unit in a practical way. We have shelves in different designs and sizes on site. We set them up and set the shelves according to your specifications.

As an additional service - especially popular with commercial customers - we also offer a mailbox. Your mail is then delivered to us, comes faster and as a large company you can even get your own zip code.

Rent commercial storeroom - cheap and flexible

Rent commercial storeroom - cheap and flexible

All this you get at LAGERBOX from 9,95 Euro a month! A top prize for a top service. We are also happy to adapt to your needs regarding time: storage can already be possible today, you can use as much and as long storage space as you need it, and in the end, we will meet you with short notice periods. It too is the same for both private and commercial customers, but the commercial colleagues always appreciate the flexibility in our service.


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