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Our self-storage facility in Augsburg has answers to any storage issue you might have: where can I put the furniture of an entire flat? Where can I store files from the office in a dry and secure way? Who in Augsburg lets out affordable storage space at short notice? LAGERBOX stands for full-service self-storage. This is the modern way to store your belongings in a secure, flexible, and dry way, whether you’re a private household or an Augsburg-based business. Read on to find out how self-storage works and which convenient service extras we throw in to make this successful formula even better.


Self-storage has come to Augsburg

Augsburg, Bavaria’s oldest city, is famous for its characteristic circular layout. Three rivers converge in Augsburg, Lech, Singold, and Wertach, a fact that made the Fugger family – a famous historical trading dynasty – settle down here. The city is also well-loved for its university, attracting many young people from all over the country.


Who can benefit from self-storing?

This brings us to the groups of people, who can benefit from using a self-storage facility:

Students tend to travel more, move in and out of shared flats, or leave the country to study abroad. When moving out of a flat, many unused household items move with you. Where can students put their belongings in the meantime? You already guessed it: in a flexible storage unit in Augsburg that you can rent and cancel at very short notice. Other private households can also benefit from a storage unit at LAGERBOX. This is especially true if you need to store more than just a few pieces of furniture, say, an entire household. Are you making a change in your career or private life? We at LAGERBOX can help you make this change. Whatever the reason, our storage facility in Augsburg is at your side. Feel free to contact us about more specific storage needs. Rent a self-storage depot in Augsburg for your seasonal items. This can include garden furniture, skis, or tyres. Do you need storage space in Augsburg for just a few months? Maybe a month more? It’s completely up to you: you can rent an affordable and flexible storage unit in Augsburg today! Our storage facilities are also open to commercial users seeking a practical place to store their goods. If you need to clear your offices, we can help. We can also provide you with all the space you need for office furniture, files, or equipment. As you can tell, business storage is also very much our business.


How does self-storage work exactly?

Whatever you choose to do, LAGERBOX doubles your advantages. We follow a successful recipe for self-storage, but we also have a few secret ingredients that only we provide. If you contact us today, we will gladly give you more details on how you can benefit from working with us:

A recipe for success – this is how self-storage works: the idea for storing (almost) any type of possession originally comes from the US. Self-storage has been common there for a long time and is cottoning on more and more in Europe now, too. Apart from personal documents, weapons, perishable goods, and a few other things (click here for the full list), you can store anything you want in a self-storage space. LAGERBOX units are available in an array of different sizes and offer ideal storage conditions. Storage in Augsburg – this is how we make self-storage even better: So far, so good. However, renting a unit at LAGERBOX makes things just a bit better. Of course, we provide you with a spare room to store away your belongings. But, for your storage needs in Augsburg, we top this service off with a range of extras. You can always rely on support by our experienced on-site staff. At our LAGERBOX facility, you can use our free-of-charge moving aids, buy affordable packing goods, and be sure that your goods are stored in ideal conditions!


What makes a perfect storage space?

In addition to great services helping you to properly store your belongings, it all comes down to one thing: the ideal storage unit. When it comes to storage space, it’s all about what’s inside. The most important factors of a perfect self-storage space might not be completely obvious. LAGERBOX has got you covered:

A good self-storage unit must be dry. Many storage goods, including books, files, textiles, or wood, react strongly to dampness, and we take great care to prevent it. By ensuring the perfect climate in every LAGERBOX unit, we also make sure your storage goods stay the way you left them. It is essential to keep dryness, temperature, and dampness at optimal levels. The next essential point on our checklist for ideal self-storage is security. When storing things in your cellar or garage, you can never be sure about uninvited guests accessing your belongings. Self-storage in Augsburg is different: all our units are equipped with alarm systems and our corridors are under constant video surveillance. Flexible storage space in Augsburg: lastly, LAGERBOX does not only take care of your belongings but also your individual needs. You can rent a suitable storage unit according to your wishes. This applies to the unit size as well as the begin and end of your rental period. We adjust so you don’t have to!

Does this sound like the complete package to you? Then don’t hesitate to rent your storage unit in Augsburg today. We will also gladly point you towards one of our local partners, including man and van services!


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