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Bochum self-storage - inexpensive storage space for rent

Bochum is located in the heart of the Ruhr area and therefore in the middle of life. Here are numerous sights from the mining industry, but with the Ruhr University Bochum also one of the largest training centers in the state. Bochum combines the typical worker mentality with one of the most significant proportions of students, measured regarding population in the entire national comparison. As the central Ruhr area is practically like a big city, there is always something to do, transport here or store there. In this context, we present you the best way of storing, self-storage.

Self-storage in Bochum - what is that?

what is self-storage? 

 Self-storage is an idea that enjoys great popularity beyond the boundaries of the pot. The Federation of European Self-Storage Associations (FEDESSA), the umbrella organization of storage companies, represents over 1.400 self-storage facilities across the European continent! The recipe for success is based on a simplicity that is welcome to everyone:

  • Empty storage space for commercial or private storage
  • Different unit sizes
  • Flexible booking times
  • Clean, safe and dry storerooms

Besides, other services make storing, moving or transporting more comfortable and more convenient. Amongst others, these are:

  • Free transporter on the day of the move
  • Transport aids on site
  • Moving Store
  • Covered storage bays in many locations
  • Extras such as mailboxes or goods acceptance

free transporter 

All in all, we are further expanding an already coherent concept through fine extras. In this way, we achieve maximum satisfaction among our customers when it comes to the use of storage space and the storage of a wide variety of stored goods.

What can be stored at LAGERBOX?

Storing tools 

These can come from the private sector as well as from the trade. For example, you can store your work materials, such as tools, in a self-storage unit. This benefits mainly companies that are not from Bochum, but work here daily, such as assemblers without their own storage space in the area or people who want to book a trade fair. But even private individuals use self-storage, for example, to cover short-term needs for additional storage space.

With LAGERBOX it is even possible to rent a storeroom on the same day.

Book storage space quickly and store it easily

So the storage units are also perfectly suitable if you need storage or storage space at short notice and spontaneously. With LAGERBOX it is even possible to rent a storeroom on the same day. Such spontaneous needs arise, for example, when people want to store in a separation, have not yet found a new apartment or the new apartment is not ready. Here, your self-storage facility should be able to accommodate you with the possibility of a quick move-in, allow short notice periods and provide you, without great bureaucracy, a storage space where you can store.

How exactly does storage take place?
Pack your stored goods 

When you finally rent storage space in Bochum, you can start packing and then bring everything to your new storeroom:

Pack your stored goods as you would for a move.

Tip: You can also purchase moving materials from us!

Load your packaged goods in a van and drive it to your provider.

Tip: New customers will receive a free transporter or trailer with us on the day of the move!

When you arrive at the self-storage facility, you can unload everything and bring your stored goods conveniently with free transport aids to your unit.

Safe and considerate storage - even over years

How long you will be storing is basically up to you. We have a minimum duration of only one week; each customer can store as long as necessary. The end date can be specified in self-storage, but it is - at least in LAGERBOX - not a must to be able to rent a storage space. No matter how long you store, it's important that your items stay in their current condition, and a professional self-storage facility can provide that through dry, clean storage units with good indoor climate and the required safety standards.

What can storage cost?
Self-storage is inexpensive 

Of course, these are always included in the price when you rent storage space from a reputable provider like our local partners or us in Bochum. The most critical price factors for storage are the period in which you want to store and the size of the storage space. You can find the latter with many providers and also with LAGERBOX using a practical program.

Self-storage in Bochum - finding the right unit size

Calculate storage area 

With us, the program is called a unit calculator. We have developed the tool, especially for our customers. It provides an easily accessible way to find your required storage space for storage. You enter what you want to store and in what quantity (a photo function is also available), and the unit calculator calculates the required storage space. So you know exactly how much storage space you need on the square meter.

Corresponding data will then be contractually fixed, but you can also extend the time or rebook additional storage space at any time.


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