We are sponsoring Fortis Saxonia e.V.


For a while now, LAGERBOX has not only been focusing on its goals as a company but took up many other important causes:

We, too, want to go with the times, fight against climate change, and do everything can to improve sustainability in our company. The first projects are already underway. Our location in Cologne Ossendorf, for example, is covering its energy consumption with self-produced solar energy. Other locations are also producing their own energy. We have been building extensive green roofs on top of our facilities and will continue to do so. All these projects are a good match for our long-standing partner: Fortis Saxonia.

LAGERBOX has been supporting the project, which started at the Technical University Chemnitz, for four years now, going on the fifth. We are supporting them with sponsorship because our goals truly match theirs: Fortis Saxonia, too, is all about sustainability.

They have been actively contributing to sustainable mobility. Thanks to a well-known video competition, their most famous project is probably the hydrogen car. At first glance, the green vehicle looks as if you might have to pedal, but, when you look at it more closely, it is actually much closer to a car than a bike.

Moreover, Fortis Saxonia initiates interdisciplinary projects for educating young people and adults, which it dies across many events.

Since 2006, the TU Chemnitz-based team has been developing energy-saving cars and has won prizes and awards with them again and again.

By the way: They are always looking for committed young talent to be able to continue their success story.

LAGERBOX will keep track with how they’re doing. To a successful future!

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