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If you are looking for additional storage space in Karlsruhe, we have the right tips for you. We at LAGERBOX are a longtime experienced company for storage spaces throughout Germany. As in many other cities, here in Karlsruhe, we have a broad network of partners around the topics of relocation, transport, and warehousing. We can certainly help you with your current need for extra space. We tell you what is important in a really good storage room in Karlsruhe and the company behind it. Besides, you will get good moving tips with us and find out how self-storage can be a perfect moving aid.

Practical storage spaces in Karlsruhe

Self-storage in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is known as the second largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, for the castle and its individual urban planning. It is where the Federal Constitutional Court sits, and many outstanding museums or the renowned Institute of Technology are located in the city. Of course, something is transported here every day, not only between public institutions but also between apartments, commercial locations or storage areas. You can secure one of them with perfect storage conditions.

How an optimal storage space should be

How an optimal storage space should be

Wenn Sie sich dafür interessieren, wie diese aussehen, können wir sie Ihnen ganz genau beschreiben:

  1. Dryness - it is essential that the storerooms are always dry. A professional self-storage provider ensures that there is always dryness in the premises to adequately protect the stored goods. Because moisture can cause damage such as mold or rust, and of course it is imperative to avoid.
  2. Temperatures and humidity - also, two other "climatic" factors in a storage unit are essential. Both temperatures and humidity should always stay within a certain range. Small fluctuations in this area are not necessarily associated with damage to the stored items. But extreme differences should already be avoided. For example, with LAGERBOX we guarantee frost-free conditions in our storage spaces in winter.
  3. Safety - In addition to the climate in the storage room, it is also a significant factor when deciding on a storage room in a self-storage building. Because here are your belongings monitored around the clock. Our storage units are all lockable, the corridors in our buildings are video-monitored, and the locations themselves are alarm-secured.

Store furniture and renovate comfortably

Storeroom in Karlsruhe with extra services

So far, so of course for a good provider of storage space in Karlsruhe. That is, the three aspects as mentioned should be your minimum requirement for a good storeroom. But it is also essential that special services can distinguish a good provider for self-storage. What this could be in detail, for example, we just explain to you the additional services that customers enjoy at LAGERBOX:

  • At any time convenient access to the storage space by car or truck: We have selected our locations nationwide, among other things on the premise that they have an excellent location in the infrastructure of each city. Say, our branches should be easy to reach by car, truck, and truck. In principle, this is about pure delivery traffic and the connection to the public transport network should be correspondingly good. Most of our locations are located on large streets, in industrial areas or also near major highways.
  • Free van on the day of your move in One of the vehicles you can use to reach us would be the free van that our customers receive on their day of moving into their storeroom. 30 km included, you save yourself the rental costs and of course the effort to pick up the moving van at a landlord and in the evening there again refueled.
  • Free transport aids available on site: In addition to this outstanding and also very popular with our customers' relocation assistance by the free van, but you can also carry on a small scale with us for free. At all our locations, you can use practical moving aids such as handcarts, lifting trolleys or trolleys free of charge at any time and thus bring your items to your storage room.
  • Online moving shop for practical materials: What you can still need to make a smooth, and above all without damage move, you get the top price in our moving shops. We carry them at all our locations, and here you can buy practical items such as blankets, bubble wrap or moving boxes of all kinds.
  • Drive-in-Area - so you always load in the dry and a: especially in bad weather a good thing! Many of our locations, as well as the storage space provider in Karlsruhe, have so-called drive-in areas. There you can roof out and invite. It means that you and your stored goods will not get wet even in wind and weather.

free transporter on the day of the move

Your storage space in Karlsruhe with the plus for companies

 These are general benefits that a good self-storage provider should offer you and that are perfect for both private and commercial storage. Especially for companies, many self-storage facilities also provide services that can also pay off for you in your day-to-day work:

  • Acceptance of goods by our employees: If you wish, you can take the step of receiving goods directly from your unit. The goods receipt does not require your presence, but you will be informed about entrances by phone or e-mail. It is how we do it, and our commercial customers like it a lot!
  • Mailboxes: Mailboxes are also popular. There, some companies receive their mail punctually on time and can receive their own mailbox number. The mail is delivered regardless of the actual sequence, and you have everything conveniently available in one place.

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