Reasons for moving to Krefeld

moving to Krefeld

Welcome back to our LAGERBOX cities tour: After showcasing Düsseldorf and Leverkusen to you, we will look at another city in North Rhine-Westphalia, or NRW. We now want to talk about Krefeld, the city of velvet and silk. Krefeld is part of the Düsseldorf administrative region and has 225,000 inhabitants. With 406 storage units, Krefeld’s LAGERBOX facility is located at St.-Anton-Str. 48 right in the middle of the Ostwall Carree shopping centre and close to the main station.

You can reach our service staff anytime by calling +49 2151 6551677. Whichever size you want, you can book a box on-site, by telephone, or online. When you’re moving, a LAGERBOX unit can come in handy for storing a bunch of things, either because you don’t have any use for some of them, or because your new home just doesn’t have the space. But why would you move to Krefeld in the first place?


The city’s most popular and most beautiful point of interest is the Linn Castle Museum and the park that surrounds it. Entrance to the castle is cheap and the park is perfect for a having a stroll. After you visited the castle, why don’t you check out Krefeld Zoo, the city forest, or the observation tower on Hülser Berg, which is famous for its three levels.

Sports and jobs

In addition to the beautiful city park, the Uerdingen borough also football to offer: KFC Uerdingen is now in the third league, but there was a time when it played in the Bundesliga. It even won the German Cup once, back when it was still called Bayer Uerdingen. It’s absolutely worth going for football but there’s also an ice hockey team, the Krefelder Pinguine, which plays in Germany’s highest division, the DEL, and is well-known all over the country because of it. In terms of jobs, “trinkgut”, a provider of beverages, is the market leader. The company is headquartered in Moers, which is only a short distance away.
Due to Krefeld’s central location, other major cities are easy to reach by train and car.

Velvet and silk city

Many know the birthplace of German pop singer Andrea Berg as the city of velvet and silk. This name hails back to religious refugees, whose silk weaving skills brought a golden age to the city in the 17th century. This is still evident today thanks to the architecture and art scene, who still reference this time today and keep it alive. Many familiar faces from either of those scenes visit Krefeld frequently.

If we have motivated you to move to Krefeld or at least to use our service offerings there, please don’t hesitate to contact us either on location, online, or by telephone, and “give your things a home”.

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