Moving checklist

Moving checklist

Moving is more than just moving boxes up and down stairs. It is an organizational event that you should work on for weeks, sometimes months in advance, so that everything goes well. Our move checklist is a free help for you and your move. It contains essential checkpoints to the moving date in a convenient countdown.

New places to stay, new challenges

If you have decided to look for a new place to stay, and then found it, does not start a new life immediately. Before that, you have to take care of the move, and it can mean a lot of work depending on the number of people in the home and the size of the household. But even so, there is a lot to consider for each move. Pick out the to-dos from our move checklist that applies to you. Maybe it's not all at once ...

2 or 3 months before the move:

  • Cancel your existing lease (deadline i.d.R. three months!)
  • Set a date when to move
  • If necessary, find new kindergartens or schools places
  • Registrations: Telephone and Internet providers, TV, GEZ, and Co.

At least 4 weeks before moving to do:

  • If desired, reserve a no-stop zone
  • If necessary, declare bulky waste at the city
  • Talk to craftsmen for possible renovations
  • If necessary, apply for vacation for the move
  • Reserve Moving Truck (get it for free at LAGERBOX!)
  • Moving helper or organizing removal company

2 - 3 weeks before changing:

  • Set up mail forwarding request at a post office
  • Arrange transfer and reading date with the landlord
  • Reserve a storage space at LAGERBOX (13)
  • Purchase moving boxes inexpensively in our relocation shop
  • Possibly. Get a babysitter and/or pet sitter for the move day

Moving Checklist: 1 week left!

  • Slowly empty the fridge
  • Pack up all the unimportant things
  • Dispose of the unnecessary items
  • Ask moving helpers if still available

The day before the move:

  • Give pets and possibly even plants in good hands
  • Defrost the refrigerator
  • Provide food for themselves and the helpers
  • Pack everything that has not yet been packed
  • Pack your personal "moving backpack" with the most essential items for the move day
  • Are all the keys for the transfer there?
  • Cover floors safely
  • Get enough cash from the bank
  • Charging phone









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