Short term storage

Short term storage

Short-term storage: the ideal solution for temporary storage problems

Do you have a lack of space for storing personal or business items? We at LAGERBOX have a lot of space, so you don’t have to. Bring your furniture, seasonal items, textiles, files, or building tools to us and put them into storage for as long as you need to. You offer total flexibility when it comes to the size of your storage unit and the time you want to rent it. Whatever size or time you choose, your belongings are in good hands and always available to you thanks to daily access hours.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage in professional storage units, whether it’s short-term storage or longer, is a versatile and clever way for private households or businesses to store almost any type of item. The storage facilities are modular and flexible so that everyone can rent spaces based on their individual needs. Users have full control of their storage unit, daily access, and can put things in or take things out whenever they wish.

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Who is self-storage for?

If you have a lack of space and personal belongings or business stock is cluttering your home or office, short-term storage might be the solution to your storage problems. It’s also ideal for when you’re moving house, renovating, or storing your possessions when going abroad.

Short-term personal storage

For private households, self-storage can take the weight off your shoulders. Think of the following life situations:

  • Moving house: If you’re moving into a new home and temporarily need to store furniture and other personal effects, short-term storage can be a great help.
  • Short-term seasonal storage: Store your Christmas decorations, garden furniture, or snow gear in a secure and protected environment until the next season.
  • Space for hobby and sports equipment: If you love hobbies like cycling, skiing, or camping, you surely have lots of equipment to go with it. Short-term storage is ideal to put it away when you don’t need it and to declutter your home.
  • Files and documents: Self-storage offers you the possibility to securely store important files and documents without filling up your home office space.

Short-term storage for business customers

Businesses, too, can benefit from the diverse applications of short-term storage:

  • Storage for traders: Fitters, traders, and builders can use short-term storage units to store tools, equipment, and supplies, and to facilitate access for them and their colleagues and firms – in other cities, too.
  • Business stock storage: Traders and other small and medium-sized businesses can use short-term storage for storing seasonal equipment and declutter their company headquarters.
  • Document storage: Businesses can use a self-storage box to securely store files and documents without cluttering valuable office space.

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Short-term storage is ideal for seasonal storage

Especially for seasonal goods, a short-term storage unit is ideal. Christmas decorations, garden furniture, or snow gear can all be safely stored in a seasonal short-term storage unit. Put them there for as long as you don’t need them. When the season returns, you can take your items out as needed, too. This frees up space in your home while making sure all your seasonal items are well-protected.

Short-term storage: perfect for traders, builders and fitters

Traders, builders and fitters often have many tools, equipment and supplies that they need for their daily work. When they travel to another city away from their headquarters, short-term storage is the perfect solution to store necessary equipment nearby and in a secure and organised way. Easy access to work materials makes sure you can work effectively and increases security.

What can I put into short-term storage?

Short-term storage opens up many new possibilities and a space for almost every storage good. Private households tend to store furniture, household belongings, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, and many more things. Business customers typically benefit from putting files, business stock, tools, machines, and merchandise into storage. For traders, builders and fitters, self-storage offers a convenient solution for work materials of all kinds by setting up a short-term storage unit for supplies.

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LAGERBOX storage facilities: ample room in every way

Have you decided you need a short-term storage unit in your life? By using our storage units, you also get to use the many additional benefits:

  • Well-connected to the local infrastructure: Our facilities are found in many cities all over Germany and are located in easy-to-reach locations.
  • Ample room to move in and out: Large parking spaces and generous corridors ensure hassle-free loading and unloading of your belongings.
  • Step-free access to the storage facility: Transporting your possessions is child’s play thanks to step-free access.
  • Heavy-duty elevators to reach the top floors: For heavy and bulky items aimed at the top floor, our storage facilities are equipped with heavy-duty elevators.
  • Free-of-charge transport aids for you to use: Hand trolleys, transport trolleys, and other moving aids can be used on the premises free of charge.

Secure short-term storage

When you’re putting valuables into storage, security is the highest priority. LAGERBOX takes this seriously and has taken all important security precautions to protect your belongings. They include video surveillance, access control systems, and security illumination. You can rely on us at LAGERBOX to safeguard your belongings, ensuring they are secure and protected when you put them into short-term storage.

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Your storage unit: dry and clean at all times

Another important aspect of storage is the cleanliness and dryness of the storage space. Our LAGERBOX premises are always well-maintained, clean, and dry. We take pride in the fact that you have complete peace of mind when leaving your things with us.

All the LAGERBOX benefits at a glance

  1. Various sizes
  2. Rent storage space from as little as 1m³
  3. Flexible rental periods
  4. Short notice periods
  5. On-site transport aids
  6. High security standards
  7. Daily access
  8. Free-of-charge transport van*
  9. Goods receiving service
  10. Frost-free storage
  11. No hidden costs
  12. Insured storage
  13. Minimal paperwork








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