Parking spaces for caravans and mobile homes for rent

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Parking space to rent at LAGERBOX

In addition to our outstanding offers for storage units in various sizes, we have several additional services that go slightly under the radar despite being quite popular already. We are talking about the parking spaces that you can rent at our LAGERBOX locations. This service is available at many of our centres, including the ones in Cologne Ossendorf,Pforzheim, Berlin Hohenschönhausen, Leverkusen, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Leipzig. At the Dortmund location, we have available addition space in form of two underground parking garages with many spaces for rent, creating a protected environment, especially for vehicles that are not moved for several months.

Parking space is suitable for common automobiles as well as vans, caravans, and mobile homes. The latter are usually not used all year round. Our service gives you an opportunity to park your car when going on a longer trip, or to put a car with a seasonal licence plate into hibernation. Public parking spaces tend to have certain risks. Our LAGERBOX locations, however, are perfectly secure thanks to a sound security concept that includes video surveillance.

Customers who don’t have comprehensive car insurance, which also covers unfortunate events such as vandalism, benefit doubly from a secure parking space. By the way: Parking can also be used for trailers or boats. Our premises are permanently lit and fenced in.

Payment, too, is as simple and flexible as you are used to as a LAGERBOX customer. You only pay for the parking space you need. Our exclusive service can also be used when your vehicle is deregistered. Naturally, our parking services also apply to business customers.

Your day-to-day activities can create different situations that require additional parking space. Here is a summary of some those situations: vehicles with seasonal licence plates that are not needed all year round; caravans and mobile homes that need a lot of space that isn’t available at your home, or that are only used during the holidays; trailers, boats, and vans that you also don’t need every day; a temporarily damaged car; little or no available parking space at your home; or, quite simply, an unused car that’s in the way.

But, watch out: Our parking spaces are very popular and quickly sold out. So: talk to the staff at one of our locations and ask them about parking space availability. One of our attentive employees will gladly help you out.

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