German service awards 2017 for LAGERBOX

German service awards 2017

Berlin – 14. February 2017

Keeping with tradition, the award ceremony for the German Service Award 2017 is taking place on Valentine’s day. A total of 16,300 covert customer service tests were conducted across 484 companies. Forty-five companies successfully set themselves apart and are now receiving the annual award for their service offerings. LAGERBOX is one of the companies that convinced the testers in the ‘Living – Service’ category, edging out 23 other companies in that same category. LAGERBOX and two other companies managed to reach the top 3. Having received an award the previous year, twelve companies managed to score a double this year.

Good service is becoming more and more important in Germany. Just a few years ago, a company’s product always came first. Now the trend is moving towards ‘people come first, product comes second’. In the next few years, customers will continue to sort the wheat from the chaff and keep a close eye on the services companies provide. According to Peter N. Blauw, managing partner at LAGERBOX, the future focus will be on adding more services, while optimising the existing offerings.

‘We believe that we can improve our position and set ourselves apart from the competition even more by expanding our service package. For us, the most important thing is to create convenience and save time for our customers.’

LAGERBOX is currently providing its customers with the following services:

• FREE transport van for moving in
• FREE on-site trolley
• Receiving goods and notification service
• Long access hours, usually 6-23 / 365 days
• High security standard
• Full flexibility starting at 1 week / 1 m³

LAGERBOX is a member of the German Self-Storage Association and sets a high value on a uniform and high-quality corporate identity. Keeping high standards and continuously optimising processes is something we dedicate ourselves to every day.

‘We are constantly working on improving, so I hope that we will be among the winners of the "German Service Award" next year, too,’ says Peter N. Blauw.

CC – Michel Galka

Image credit: Thomas Ecke / DISQ / n-tv“.
Source: Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität / n-tv

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