new location in Köln

new location

Cologne, 04.05.2017

In North Rhine-Westphalia, commonly known as NRW, the population is ever-growing, and the lack of housing is driving up rent and property prices. Many people are now moving into flats that are unable to meet their demands. LAGERBOX is reacting to this lack of space by opening its third self-storage facility in Cologne, Clevischer Ring 127a. The Mühlheim-based facility boasts a central location and was previously home to ATU Auto-Teile Unger, a car parts retailer. Mühlheim is not only known for its direct connection to the Rhine, but also for its central location in the middle of Cologne and good accessibility via the A3 motorway.

Mühlheim’s current population is at 50,000 and rising. The same applies to the future population of Greater Cologne, which is estimated to reach 1.2 million by 2030. On a gross floor area of 7,000 m², LAGERBOX is planning to create ca. 9,000 self-storage units. Generally, you can store almost anything at LAGERBOX. Our customers are largely made up of private households looking for temporary storage for furniture and other household belongings. Commercial businesses, too, are among our customers, looking to outsource files from their company headquarters, for example. Additionally, we cater to sales representatives and field staff in need of a secure place to store their goods. We will celebrate the ground-breaking ceremony of the new location this year and plan on completing construction in mid-2018.

The existing building on the property will be partially renovated and geared to the high quality standards of LAGERBOX. In addition to LAGERBOX’s 18 existing self-storage facilities, we are creating three more in Berlin, two in Dresden, one in Dortmund, and this additional location in Cologne. These efforts will bring the number of LAGERBOX self-storage locations to a total of 25. We are adapting to the increased demand for external storage and have many more locations in the pipeline. The two facilities in Dresden will be opening first, followed by the facility in Berlin Spandau. The Dortmund opening is planned for the end of the first quarter of 2018 and for Cologne at the end of the second quarter of the following year.

Starting from a minimum of one week, renting a storage unit at LAGERBOX grants you complete flexibility. No matter whether you choose an existing or brand-new location, our focus at LAGERBOX is on providing a high level of security for your storage goods.

CC – Michel Galka

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