LAGERBOX soon also in Bielefeld


Bielefeld, 28 July 2017

Increasing cost of living, growing population numbers, or, more simply, a lack of space – these are all reasons for making use of self-storage. LAGERBOX is reacting to the growing self-storage trend and is planning on opening an additional storage facility in Bielefeld.

Bielefeld is home to about 336,000 people and is famous for its food, printing, and clothing industry. In 2013, Bielefeld was named a Fairtrade Town. At the heart of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region, the city divides the rivers Weser and Ems.

We are planning to kick off construction in early 2018 and to finish in late 2018, early 2019. Under current plans, the facility will have 4 stories, a gross floor area of 6,650 m², about 900 storage units, and a storage area of 4,400 m². This new LAGERBOX premises is located at Herforder Strasse 215 amidst numerous commercial businesses and residential areas. Bielefeld’s city centre and main station are only 1 km away. City train access makes sure the location can be easily reached by public transport, too.

Our LAGERBOX storage unit sizes range from 1 m³ to 25 m². Whether you just want to store a few files, a complete household, or your company’s equipment, we have a fitting storage unit for every need.

The basic rule of thumb is to calculate 10% of the size of your household or business. For example, to put the complete household belongings of a 60 m² flat into storage, you will require no more than a 6 m² storage unit. The units’ ceilings are up to 3 m high, enabling you to stack your belongings. If you need to take a closer look, it is best to be on-site and take a non-binding tour of the storage unit sizes we have on offer.

In addition to Bielefeld, there are several other locations already in the planning and the construction phase. LAGERBOX is building a third location in Cologne (Mühlheim) and two more storage facilities in Dresden (Alte Mälzerei and Friedrichstadt). We are building a second facility in Dortmund (Indupark) and, last but not least, three more in Berlin (Spandau, Lichtenberg, and Treptow/Köpenick).

LAGERBOX is currently operating 18 active self-storage facilities in Germany. As the first self-storage company in Germany, LAGERBOX can look back on years of know-how and offers a comprehensive security concept.

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