New award from TestBild

New Award

Frankfurt, 11 October 2017

TESTBILD has conducted a comprehensive customer survey in cooperation with Statista. A total of 22,700 respondents voted on the service quality of 2,300 companies between June and July.

Among many others, the survey also included a self-storage category. The criteria focused on customer orientation, professional expertise, communication, service range, and accessibility. Ten self-storage companies were surveyed and LAGERBOX made first place.

Customer orientation is an increasingly important topic for existing and prospective customers. Hardly any company will get by without offering high-quality services. Modern companies must be flexible, cater to special wishes, and keep their promises. Swift and friendly customer interaction is also a surefire way to retain customers. This is especially true when they encounter problems or have difficult questions. Companies should always keep their poise and aim to solve problems sustainably by helping their customer with tips, by providing professional expertise, and by speaking with a smile in their voice.

Accessibility is also an increasingly important subject. Are customers forced to call an expensive hotline or are they unable to reach a shop or location even after trying multiple times? Better to provide a free-of-charge service number and to make sure customers can reach a company straight away.

In general, when looking at the competition and future operations, there are many things to look out for. LAGERBOX is very glad that the way we do things are being rewarded. ‘Naturally, we are continuing to optimise,’ says managing director Peter N. Blauw, ‘but we are happy about the positive reviews and all the awards we have received in the past. It is a reflection of our performance and this is what we want to build on in the future.’

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