LAGERBOX buys property in Pforzheim


Pforzheim, 02/08/2019

2019 has only just begun and we already have big news for all the people in Pforzheim. Self-storage will soon be coming to your town! We are in the middle of the project phase and are hoping to open the new branch before the end of this year. Pforzheim will be the 30th storage facility in the LAGERBOX family.

With over 125,00 inhabitants, Pforzheim is located on the northern margin of the Black Forest between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Our self-storage location on Eutinger Strasse is close to the city centre and great to get to. One reason why we opted for this location was that it was well-connected to the transportation infrastructure.

We are now in the process of making all the necessary changes to adapt the existing building to our LAGERBOX standards and corporate identity. This will include security modifications as well as the flexible services that we are so well-known for. The building has a gross floor area of 6,400 m² which will result in a storage capacity of 4000 m² at the Pforzheim location.

Pforzheim is looking forward to self-storage

LAGERBOX will be the first self-storage provider in Pforzheim. Our experience is that people lack space everywhere. Soon the people of Pforzheim can rent all the storage space they need to declutter their life. LAGERBOX can also be used by businesses to store their stock. Business owners know full well how important it is to have secure and central storage.

Storage for private households

We also want to help private households in Pforzheim to cope with their cluttered rooms and cellars. Our self-storage facilities cater to every household size ranging from a cubicle of 1m3, to 25 m², and even up to 200 m² for storing the belongings of a large household. Before they become a burden, simply use LAGERBOX to store your books, household items, furniture, or lawn furniture at a great price. Instead of long waits, we believe in a hassle-free approach to self-storage. Straight-forward, flexible, and easy is how we like it.

We are looking forward to LAGERBOX in Pforzheim. See you soon!

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