Moving house in summer

Moving summer

Moving in summer has a lot of advantages — but also some disadvantages. In addition to a good mood and high spirits, moving house during the summer holidays makes it easier on people with kids. However, there are a few more things to consider compared to moving during other seasons.

1. Tell your friends

Surely, you have some nice friends who will help you move. Make sure you talk to them beforehand to find a moving day that works for everybody. Some of them might be on holiday or have other plans.

2. Check the weather report

When choosing a day, make sure you keep an eye on the forecast or you might end up moving on a 35-degree day or in a summer shower.
If you don’t plan to move house with friends, you should also notify your moving firm in due time. Since summer is a popular time for moving, it might be worth considering a weekday. Moreover, many people move for a new job and often start working at the beginning or end of a month. If you’re flexible, it can be worth choosing a day in the middle of the month. Once you’ve found a good day to move, there are a few things to keep in mind on hot days if you’re using a rental van.

3. Mind the heat

Cargo space is rarely air conditioned. Pets should never be carried in the back of a van. This also applies to food, candles, and most plants. A good way to work around the midday heat is getting up and loading up the van early in the morning. Everything should be packed and ready to move on moving day. Things you need in the morning like tooth brush, tooth paste and other accessories can be packed at the last minute. Then look forward to later on, when you can have a lunch break inside or in the shade. By the way: Even if the weather is cooler, it’s worth starting in the early morning hours, because a moving day can drag on for every number of reasons. If you start early, you might not have to haul your things around until late in the evening.

4. Water for all!

When it’s hot, it’s important for your health to stay hydrated and also make sure everybody else does. So: drink water regularly and make sure you have enough!

5. Use sunscreen

This last tip shouldn’t be underestimated: On hot days with clear skies, wearing sun protection in any form is a must. This can include sunblock, wearing a cap, or wet towels. It would certainly dampen your spirits in your new home, if you started your first day with a painful sunburn.
To summarise, if you keep a few things in mind, moving house in summer is a breeze. In the end, all you have to do is enjoy your new home!

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