In times when homeoffice is increasing

difficult times

No one less than Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the billion-dollar company Facebook, announced in an interview that he and his staff will continue working from home after the crisis. Countless million and billion-dollar companies have purchased or built large buildings to house their operations. Since employee productivity is continually high even when working from home, according to a survey of DIHK, these new offices are not needed anymore. Fifty-six percent of employees working from home even increased their productivity. Seventy-nine percent want to keep working at home at least part-time.

In this current crisis, LAGERBOX offers a perfect solution for many difficult situations. When a company closes down its open-plan office, where does it put its things? It needs a place for storage. LAGERBOX offers a perfect opportunity: we have storage units in all sizes on offer. Working from home is stressful, so you might have to move or free up additional space. All your office documents now have to find a place in your home, which is already too cluttered. At LAGERBOX, these things can be put into storage conveniently and hassle-free. This can include office documents as well as all the other things that you don’t need in your home. LAGERBOX can also help with companies with moving house. Our storage units can fit everything you don’t presently need in your home, or you can use it as an additional cellar or attic. Business customers can use our boxes to warehouse company equipment.

Seeing as many things are changing in terms of finance, economy, and business and not everything can be safely planned ahead, at least LAGERBOX customers can rely on us 100%. If it turns out you don’t need the box anymore, LAGERBOX offers short-term cancellation periods.
Business customers enjoy the outstanding convenience of storing with LAGERBOX. Companies can use LAGERBOX as a warehouse for stock and supplies, or to store old files that don’t fit in its headquarters. LAGERBOX can also take care of incoming goods for your business. We will gladly notify you by text or email whenever you receive a delivery.

No matter what happens: Whenever you need it in times of crisis, your LAGERBOX unit is there for you. Safe and sound.

LAGERBOX in numbers

As things stand, our portfolio currently contains 24 self-storage facilities. We will be adding three more this year, including sites in Bielefeld, Dortmund, and Pforzheim. All four sites are already under construction and will be opened in this year’s 3rd and 4th quarter.

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