New storage rooms at the Cologne Ossendorf location

new storage rooms

Cologne, the city on the Rhine. Famous for its cathedral, Kölsch beer, and, of course, its love for carnival. A total of 1.1 million people call Cologne home. In view of such popularity, it’s no wonder some people face problems finding a place to live in the cathedral city.

LAGERBOX operates two self-storage centres in Cologne with a third location already under construction. At the Cologne Ossendorf location, we reacted to the large demand for external storage facilities (for storing, say, furniture and household items) and created additional space by converting our existing facilities. The new storage boxes are between 1 cubic metre and 8 square metres large to accommodate anything between just a few boxes and the entire furniture of a 80-m² flat. In total, we created about 160 additional storage units with a total space of 450m².

Even before the changes, Cologne Ossendorf was the largest location in the LAGERBOX family. Covering two floors, it now has over 1,200 storage units with a total floor space of over 10,000 sqm to let. In addition to storage units, we also let out parking space for mobile homes, boats, or to temporarily park a car. Furthermore, we let out office space to small companies. We already have waiting lists because both the office and parking space are immensely popular.

An important issue at LAGERBOX is why self-storage is becoming increasingly popular and more widely used. There are a number of factors at play here, but we think the main reasons include the strained housing market due to excess demand and also the uneven rise of rents. And so, if you haven’t found a new flat, or your flat is too small to store everything you have, or you don’t have a cellar, or you simply have a temporary need for space, you put things into storage for some time with one of the numerous self-storage providers.

Who exactly is LAGERBOX?

We have been in the business for 23 years. Because we’ve been in it for so long, we now have 26 locations operating all over Germany. Our focus is on providing you with broad array of services and a high-quality security concept. Under our motto ‘Simple, Flexible & Convenient’, our goal is that you can sit back and enjoy our services.

We strive for perfection, smooth workflows, and creating the best possible conditions for self-storage. We consider long access hours, short distances, and comprehensive customer support on all storage issues a matter of course.

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