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Christmas tips from LAGERBOX

Christmas tips

The most beautiful time of the year is upon us and every year this means a colourful mixture of spending a great time with your family and stressing over preparations. After all, like every year, this Christmas Eve should be a family holiday that we can all enjoy – and not one that drives us mad. LAGERBOX has put together a few tips to get through the preparations, so that you have a good time on Christmas eve and throughout the holiday season.

1. Clear the clutter

Digging up old Christmas boxes, dusty glitter balls for the Christmas tree, and a deteriorating crib: we think this can be avoided. By using storage space at LAGERBOX, these will be problems of the past. Even the largest collections of Christmas decorations fit in our boxes thanks to our flexible range of sizes. You can pick up anything you need for the pre-Christmas season and then put it back into our secure, clean, and dry storage after the holidays until next year. Our boxes can store more than accessories: If your flat is already bursting at the seams and the kids have searched through all your cupboards for presents, consider hiding them in one of our storage boxes.

2. Get everything done

Don’t plan too much during your time off at Christmas. The holiday season is meant for rest and relaxation and not for ploughing through them. Instead of cramming everything in your time off, try to get as many things done beforehand. Clean your flat or house ahead of time and have everything ready for when the holidays start. Also, try to avoid starting big projects during Christmas time.

3. Get your kitchen ready

The stoves will be hot throughout the Christmas season to prepare a magical feast for your family and your kitchen will most likely be crowded. And so it would be all the more frustrating if it’s cluttered with stuff that you don’t need, or worse, that’s in your way all the time. Write a shopping to-do list and make sure you keep an eye on what fits in your fridge and sell-by dates.

4. Decorating

Decorating – it should look nice and festive. Sometimes too much can feel overwhelming. But, the main thing is that you enjoy it. For perfectionists, decorating is the hardest part of Christmas. LAGERBOX recommends: Don’t start too late! You have enough to do on the day before the festivities, so try to get the preparations done ahead of time. If you have guests, even if their number is limited this year, check that you have all the necessities like toilet paper.

LAGERBOX wishes you a relaxing and stress-free Christmas season!