Bees find a home on the roofs of LAGERBOX

Bees find a home

LAGERBOX is taking another step for the environment and more sustainability, handing over parts of the roofs of our Berlin-based facilities to the bee population.

At our facilities in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn and Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick, the roofs are a new home for bee colonies. This is done by our hard-working friends at Salubria. LAGERBOX will not become an official sponsor, however, but is only making available parts of its roofs.

There’s an old saying about how important bees are for life on planet earth, which is that mankind has only four years to live if the bees disappeared from the surface of this earth. Without pollination, there would be not plants, no animals, and, in the end, no humans.

Because of this, and because they produce honey, too, LAGERBOX has committed itself to supporting these remarkable creatures.
Over the past few years, LAGERBOX has changed quite a few things regarding the environment and sustainability.

Many of our facilities are now equipped with solar panels and we introduced measures for reducing energy use. Our facility in Cologne Ossendorf, which is also our headquarters, now produces all the energy it consumes itself. Additionally, we have created several green roofs.

Thanks to this, we can make great use of existing space. LAGERBOX also works together with a number of sustainable partners.

Looking into the future, we want to take additional steps to become even more efficient, sustainable, and ecological. One element of this effort is to make our roofs available to bee populations.

Maybe your LAGERBOX facility will be a new home to bees very soon.


With 27 facilities in Germany, LAGERBOX is one of the biggest self-storage providers in this industry. Another facility in Cologne will open soon. Planning for more storage facilities in Remscheid, Gelsenkirchen, Wuppertal, and Essen is already underway.


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