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Institute awards LAGERBOX again


When it comes to awards, the past few months have been full of successes for LAGERBOX. We received a slew of awards from the “ServiceValue” research institute as part of various collaborations with their clients and now proudly wear their quality seals on our website.

It looks like we’re now getting another one. Nothing less than the award for best customer service. Since the market surveys of these institutes work with interviews, this award is not given out by a jury or panel but comes directly from our customers. We want to extend a big thank you to everybody who gave us a positive review. Reviews on platforms like “Google”, too, help LAGERBOX because they make other potential customers aware of our self-storage concept and help make their lives easier.

Our service approach permeates all levels and plays out through all possible channels. This can be on location, via telephone, or email. Good service makes a difference and businesses more successful.

ServiceValue”, an analysis institute, has conducted an independent customer survey in cooperation with “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, or “SZ” for short, a national newspaper, specifically their affiliated “SZ-Institut”.

They confirmed
LAGERBOX will receive the “BEST Customer Service” award with a “Very High Service Quality” rating in the “Self-storage Provider” category.

The press release has been put out and LAGERBOX has already been congratulated on the institute’s website. LAGERBOX is particularly proud of being showcased in a paper as prestigious as “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. They have published a large table with all the winners from different industries in their current business section. Marked as an ad, you can read the results on pages 17 and 18. Additionally, “ServiceValue” put out a press release highlighting the highest-rated winners. The rating is the average of all submitted reviews.

A total of 1,071 companies from 78 sectors were surveyed. The results were published in “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on June, 15th 2022. LAGERBOX will now receive an exclusive quality seal titled “BEST Customer Service – Very High Service Quality”. This seal can be used for advertising and communication purposes on all online and offline media.

But how is such a ranking developed and with which methods?
The thought here is the following: With every newly emerging opportunity for communication, customers change their expectations to the service they like to receive from companies. Today, service providers must not only convince their customers in face-to-face interactions but also have to provide excellent service in written form, via telephone, on social media, and even through instant messaging platforms. Commissioned by “SZ-Institut” for the second time, the rating and ranking agency “ServiceValue” has now examined which companies are successful in winning over customers with their outstanding service.

For the “Best Customer Service” survey, interested parties and customers were asked to rate companies that they were in contact with, based on their experience over the last 24 months; be it in person, by phone, in writing or even via social media. The concrete question was: “How well do you rate the service quality of the following companies?” Using a rating scale from one to five, whereby one means "excellent" and five means "poor," the survey calculates an average value, which is then used to make the service quality measurable and comparable and to develop a ranking. Companies with above-average ratings in their respective industries receive the “High Service Quality” award. Companies with ratings that go above the average of the awardees in their respective industries receive the “Very High Service Quality” award. LAGERBOX succeeded in winning this award.

Of the 1,071 companies from 78 industries, only 293 companies received the highest rating, while 303 companies received the second highest rating.

Feel free to stop by at LAGERBOX and experience the service everybody’s talking about first-hand.

Data: SZ-Medienwerkstatt - Quelle: Sevice Value - Available under: Study