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The Ruhr is at home in Essen. A modern city developed where people once toiled underground and never quite lost that historic charm. We are also at home in Essen: LAGERBOX has many services in store for you in a central location.

Essen is a large city at the centre of the Ruhr, also called “der Pott”. If you ask people from Essen, they will tell you it’s THE city of the Ruhr. In fourth place after Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Dortmund, it is certainly one of the largest cities of North Rhine Westphalia and the central city of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. The latter is also a river, right next to the Rhine, and the region’s eponymous waterway.

Essen has almost 600,000 inhabitants, many of which speak the typical “Pott” dialect. Another characteristic of the region is the unique but warm nature of its people.

This created a working-class mentality there. The most famous coal mine, or “Zeche”, is the Zeche Zollverein. Dubbed the “Ruhr’s Eiffel Tower”, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and open to visitors. People worked in the mines between 1851 and 1986.

Essen is also called the city of shopping and always gets some attention for its name, which is of course the generalised German word for food.
The best-known and most-loved food from Essen is the currywurst, which has now spread way beyond the Ruhrpott region.

Other cultural highlights include the historic football club Rot-Weiss Essen, which has become a bit obscure of late but used to celebrate great successes in times past. They have their home stadium on Hafenstrasse. Essen is also home to the TV cult series “Der letzte Bulle” starring Henning Baum as the male lead.

Close to the main station in the city centre, LAGERBOX in Essen is located on Hachestrasse 50.

In addition to its 906 storage units, the facility has a convenient drive-in area. We took over the building, a former VW car dealership, in 2010. It has several stories, which are easily accessible using one of the generous cargo elevators.

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