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Myths of self-storage


Self-storage can look back on an extraordinary history. The industry was long invisible in Germany, while it was booming more and more in the US. However, companies like LAGERBOX have been successful in getting more people to use and appreciate self-storage solutions.

There still remain some persistent myths about self-storage. LAGERBOX wants to look at some of them more closely.

Myth 1: You can store whatever you want

This is not wrong in principle. You may store with us whatever you wish and we respect your privacy. However, there are a few rules at LAGERBOX, too, that everyone has to keep to. Perishable items like foodstuffs or old animals are prohibited as are highly flammable substances like petrol or the like.

One thing should not need mentioning: You cannot store anything that is illegal, including drugs or stolen goods.

Myth 2: Storage units are only useful for moving

With this myth, too, there is a grain of truth. Many people use LAGERBOX to store their belongings before, during, or after they’re moving house, because they cannot yet or are not supposed to be stored in the new house or flat. The main error of that myth is to say “only”. There are many reasons for renting a storage box.

In addition to moving, the reason could also be death in the family, divorce, moving to another town, or reducing the size of your household. During the coronavirus pandemic, for example, many people needed more space at home to work remotely. This space could be created by storing belongings elsewhere. Commercial offices, too, put desks into storage that were not being used.

Myth 3: You can spend the night in a storage unit

It is illegal to spend the night in a storage unit. It is also quite impossible to do so and people who try will be quickly detected by our security company and our round-the-clock video surveillance. It is also dangerous: Changing temperatures as well as a lack of air and water could create serious damage to your health. In short: A storage unit is anything but a cheap second flat.

Myth 4: Belongings are sold

Everyone knows big TV hits like “Storage Wars” or “Storage Hunters”. But are they as realistic as they claim to be? The answer is: not really. The concept of these shows is that old storage lockers that are no longer used are opened and their content auctioned off. Buyers hope to cash in on bargains like antiques or technical devices.

It should be noted: These shows are often scripted, meaning they follow a script to create a more dramatic plot. As such, they don’t have much to do with reality. When storage units are left behind and rents not paid, we keep their content for a certain period, during which we try to get it back to their owner.

If he or she refused to take their things back, LAGERBOX often pays for their disposal instead of making money with them. This is because, on the one hand, the boxes often contain much less valuable things than the TV shows suggest and, on the other hand, there is no legal basis to sell these things in Germany.

As you can tell, many of these myths are untrue and the reality is often quite different. We hope this has changed your perspective on self-storage. If we have created an interest in renting a storage unit, there are many easy ways to do so: Come to one of our facilities and talk directly to our friendly staff, give us a call and talk to them that way, or book directly online on our website.

Our website also offers a size calculator that helps you work out the storage unit size you need. We don’t want you to pay for more space than you need. If your storage need should change, you can flexibly change the size accordingly.

We hope you have fun storing at LAGERBOX.